How can I stop obsessing about the afterlife?

For several weeks now I keep obessing about what happens after we die. I know in an earlier thread I said I didn’t believe in hell, the reason is after my OCD problem, not thinking about hell help me not having unwanted blasphemous thoughts which goes rampant at times. But I’m still concerned about the afterlife, I want there to be a heaven but not hell becuase hell, and the idea of eternal punishment is too terrifying. I keep researching about the afterlife and there are some people who say there is nothing , this terrified me more. How do I stop obessing over the afterlife?

I want to believe in heaven but not hell.

You get treatment for your mental health issues.

Get a therapist and a priest/spiritual director who work with those suffering from OCD and related illnesses.

It is fine to believe in heaven bi there is a hell. Jesus makes it quite clear there is a heaven however he’ll is where all the demons and fallen go. Trying to say there is no hell is like saying I want to have the good stuff without the bad. The world doesn’t work like that. Still don’t fear hell because that is from the devil. A peaceful mind is of God :slight_smile:

Christ and the Church make it clear that there is a hell, and we cant remove the tougher things from our faith just because we dont like them, that would be lying to ourselves.

Instead of fighting and struggling against these ideas, perhaps it would be a good idea to try to learn about and accept these truths. It might not happen right away, but over time its better to make peace with these kinds of things than to fight them, or cover them up. Prayer, reflection and good spiritual reading are my recommendations. Pray for the grace to understand and acceot God’s will, I think that will ultimately bring you more peace than struggling against it will.

A spiritual director for your spiritual questions and a therapist for your OCD are great ideas. I’ll pray for you, hope you feel better :slight_smile:

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