How Can I Stop These Evil Thoughts?


Sometimes when I am by myself, praying, reading the bible, a book, or even in Mass, sexual thoughts pop into my mind. Sometimes of my girlfriend or an ex and what we’ve done or what we could be doing if I was still with them or walking down the street and seeing any woman or young lady and imagining myself having them right then and there. (And it doesn’t come from me actually thinking that!) I begin to say “Lord take these thoughts away” but sometimes they don’t go away! I just want them to stop! :frowning:

How can I make them go away?



Call out to the Holy Spirit! Pray the St. Michael prayer. And go to confession and Euchartist as often as humanly possible. God will help lessen these thoughts, but ultimately it looks like this is your cross to bear in life:(

The Rosary also will bring the sincere a lot of peace. A lot of people’s signatures say, A Rosary a Day keeps the evil away!.. and it couldn’t be more true!

(Also it might help if you stay away from certain kinds of music, books, tv, etc… These often place the seeds of bad thoughts into your head, even if it doesn’t seem so at the time.)


From my own experience and those with the same problem, paying them any attention will make them worse (under no circumstances think of carrots - I bet you did didn’t you? :D). As you’re not acting or consenting to these thoughts, they’re definitely not a sin, if you were concerned that they were.

As none of us have 100% control over what enters our head, I think for now its best if you try to pay them as little attention as possible and accept them as a suffering which will allow you to grow closer to Christ. ljubim’s advice is also excellent.

Praying for you!


St. Benedict would throw himself on smoldering brush when he had impure thoughts; This seems a little extreme so I would recommend prayer of any form, but especially to St. Joseph, the Blessed Virgin, and St. Michail. In addition to this I would get some Holy Water and bless yourself in the Sign of the Cross with it when you’re tempted. Best of luck.


Thank you all for your support. I honestly never though of carrots and they really did pop into my mind! hahaha



Besides the prayers, which are very necessary, remember to form the habit of thinking of good thoughts and the happiness derived from them.


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