How can I tame concupiscence?



How can a person tame concupiscence – particularly sinful sexual desires?

Like many people in the world, these sins are my ruin.


Well, I know that there are many people on these forums who will be able to provide you with much more help that I can on this issue. However, I will say that despite the fact that you claim that strip clubs do not conjure up lustfulness in your mind (on another post), you certainly aren’t going to defeat your temptations or sins by continuing to visit such establishments. You must understand the sinfulness of such places before you’ll be able to get a grip on your problems…

All I can say is to return to prayer again and again. If you feel the desire to fall into the traps of sin, pray. Go to confession often. It might also help to make yourself accountable to someone; if you find yourself in a sinful situation, call up that friend. Sometimes just knowing that we have to tell someone about what we’ve done is enough to stop us from doing it in the first place.


Sorry but am I missing something? Where does the OP talk about strip clubs?


See this thread which I also started today:

I wish to refer you to post #17, though, for some explanation.


Play with fire long enough and you will surely get burned.

Walk to close to the edge, don’t be surpised when you fall.

Reject God’s grace by blotting Him out, expect sin to follow.


No, these sins are NOT your ruin, if you honestly want to do something about it. I’m sure you will get much good advice. Rest assured you are not the first with this problem, and not alone.:o

You may want to consider frequent confession on this, even biweekly. Talk with a Priest and/or Spiritual Director. God will understand, AND FORGIVE, if you are honestly trying. :thumbsup:

Hint: try praying Psalm 51 every morning and night. :slight_smile:


The Rosary.




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