How can Jesus be less than the Father?


I am a returning Catholic in study. I am confused on two scriptures and need help with them. The first one concerns the Blessed Virgin Mary. She stated that she had no relations with a man when the Archangel Gabriel addressed her. Later on in the Gospel of Matthew it states that her and her husband St Joseph had no relations (using the same word as the BVM used) with her until she bore a son? ?? Matthew Chapter one verse 25. I need to understand this.
The second verse I am having trouble with is when Jesus was here on Earth. I am being taught that he was here in all his divinity as he had when he was in heaven (before he became human). Why does he say the Father is Greater than I? Because he had all divinity on Earth what was the meaning of this? Thank you very much for your help. God Bless You, Angel


Hi W,

The word ‘until’ can be used in two ways. It can mean up to a point and thereafter. But it can also mean up to a point without going further as is the statement: “He was faithful to his wife until she died.” This does not mean that he was unfaithful after she died. This is the way ‘until’ is used in Scripture regarding Mary’s life-long virginity.

As God Jesus is equal to the Father. As Man he was subject to the Father. Also–the Persons of the Holy Trinity continually defer to one another because their love is perfect.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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