How can John Ankerberg say catholics are not christians?

i mean, we believe in Christ.

is it just catholic hate or what?

Because God wanted Man to be free and John Ankerberg is a man so he is free to say dumb things …

I had to look up who John Ankerberg is. Apparently he is an American evangelical, now in his 60s, with pronounced anti-Catholic views. He seems to drink deeply from the Reformation strains of evangelicalism.

Sad, but not unique. Many evangelicals, at least in the US, do the same. It makes living in certain parts of the US difficult

you can see many of his shows on youtube. i really enjoy them.
but that view is so out of line

I think it comes from his belief that the Bible is the beginning and the end of God’s word for us. Since the Catholic Church does things that are not directly/explicitly/literally in the Bible (sacraments), he calls it unchristian. Of course, there are plenty of inconsistencies with his Sola Scriptora argument, but that’s been covered to death.

He can only say this if he abandons Logic.

When did logic ever matter to anyone with his intellect-decimating worldview, ever?

I often think that The Roman view of Catholicism is more Marian than Christian. Our last Pope was buried with a large “M” on his coffin. Not a criticism for I myself held Mary as Number One from childhood until I gave my life to Jesus…and I believe SHE led me to that committment. Too many are slaves to Roman dictat: Jesus died to set us free - and in my case free to stay in the Catholic church. The Lord had not spoken to me for a longish while, so I asked in all humility: “speak Lord, your servant is listening”. Immediately: “you are not my servant, Ian, you are My son.” That’ll do for at least another decade!:smiley:

Martin Luther believed in two sacraments, baptism and communion. So, it turns out–from this fellow’s myopic point of view–that the founder of Protestantism himself wasn’t even Christian either… Go figure!

(Praise God for the gift of irony.)

God gave us freedom, that includes the freedom to deceive ourselves.

Whoa, the sacraments are scriptural. That is why we have them! The Catholic Church is much more biblical that these evangelists want to (or can)see. It appears to me at this point that the sacraments were instituted over time, but that is just the care of the magisterium to avoid error. They see it in the Bible, but test it out over time and with much consideration. I am real confident that all our sacraments are biblically based.

Your post is very confusing to me. Are you saying that we Catholics put too much emphasis on Mary? I personally don’t think this is possible because Mary is all about bringing us to her Son, which is why JPII’s moto was “Totus Tuus.” To give ourselves to May is to give ourselves to Christ. She is the perfect path to him. And you say that she is the one who led you to Christ.

What are you saying? :confused:

The Protestants seem to conveniently forget that the Catholic church is the one who put the Bible together and gave it to the world. Everything in the Catholic church is biblically based. But of course, we also have the Magesterium, another gift from Christ. We don’t have to be our own Magesterium and, as a result, unlike the Protestants, we remain one Church instead of breaking into tens of thousands of groups.

yes, it’s amazing they can’t see that.

I’m not arguing otherwise. But the average joe isn’t going to read the Bible and then see matrimony anywhere in the Bible as requiring a priest. Of course, I think you need one, but I’m not entirely Sola Scriptora or Scriptorum or Scriptorino or…

The Catholic Church views the Christian in a way that protestants have little hope of grasping without the influence of the Holy Spirit and a good deal of dedication to learning what the church actually teaches.

The Catholic understanding of how the church is the body of Christ is of particular difficulty. The average protestant is as utterly unequipped to deal with this from an informed position. It is however, more than just a problem of knowledge. It would literally be as if someone told you that the moon was made of cheese.

One last thing: Protestants love Christ every bit as much as Catholics do. They are simply terrified of anything which could obscure or diminish Christ’s glory. Hence the difficulty with doctrines such as praying to saints as I tried to explain above. Sorry if I got too long winded.

I think that the best thing to do is to pray that all come to the full knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ and remember that we will never be loved by the world for doing so.

God Bless

It’s either ignorance or it’s intellectual dishonesty. Let him say what he wishes to say, he’s only discrediting himself.

Sorry, not the same thing. Our Lady led me to Jesus, who IS the Son of God. Yes, Our Lady was the God Bearer (Theotokos) but not God. Once I gave my life to Jesus (God) I KNEW I had no need of intercessories and could let go of the Mother’s skirt. “I am the way and the Truth”; “Come to ME all who are burdened”. See Mark 16, 17 & 18: Believers (in Jesus) are authorised to use his Name for deliverance and healing. Much as I respect - and Love - Our Lady, she has done her job with me and I can let her get on with bringing ALL people to a close relationship with her Son.
PS She is still my loving back-up when I feel God’s looking the other way!:wink:

Negative, all Catholic dogma is derived theology. I was in India for one Easter and went to a Maundy Thursday mass. The priest told us that this was the day Jesus instituted the priesthood: He instituted Communion, which can only be administered by Holy Priests, therefore he instituted Priesthood.:smiley: Talk about convoluted…:confused: In like manner, there is no Purgatory in the Bible. Is there an Original Sin? That theology makes God an unforgiving ogre who zaps babies as soon as they are born. Mortal sin/venial sin? Jesus tells us (Matt. 5:21 - 27) that if you call your brother “raca” (fool) its as bad as murder. If you look lustfully you have committed adultery. Yet the Church has drawn a line between venial and mortal. In the Lord’s Prayer the Greek word for “sin” is “opheilemata” which means “missing the mark”. I have taken “the mark” to be “agape - love.”: ANY act of un-love hurts the Father.
PS I distrust TheoLOGY (study of God’s word?). Luke’s Gospel starts with “Ho Theophilus” (one who loves God). If all switched to Theophiloism we’d get on a lot better.


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