How can Michael be a saint and an Archangel?

[quote=mlchance]Actually, yes he is a person, and he has been since God created him. You’re incorrectly conflating the terms “person” and “human.”

That is not the definition of saint.

As is always seems to be the case, the apparent problem with the Church’s claim about this or that turns about to be a problem with the objector’s knowledge of the subject under dispute.

– Mark L. Chance.

I stand corrected as to my definitions of Saints and Angels…and with the replys and links provided, I can understand how Michael can be both Saint and Angel.
Now, is there any way to find out who declared him a saint and when?
Thank you in advance, this has become most interesting.

[quote=Writer]Actually, I have wondered the same thing. My father-in-law did a scultpure of him, which I am just crazy about. If interested, here is the link below. I’ll be watching for the answer, too…

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That is a really amazing statue!


That is a really amazing statue!

I’m glad you liked it. It’s my favorite piece. We were fortunate to have a chance to see it in Dallas before it was transported to the church in NYC.

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