How can one be saved according to Catholic faith?

To be right to the point,
How can one be save according to Catholic faith?
Is it believe in Christ and His redemption only?
Is it belief in his resurrection only?
To be direct, for Unitarians, Protestants, Evangilicans, etc are they going to be saved too? or should they convert?
Stay blessed.

PS: How can one be sure his faith is the true one? If born agnostic, Protestant, Unitarian, Catholic, etc, How one becomes sure?


Like Islam, Catholics believe the journey of faith is a lifelong process. It is not a one-time event. If you are truly curious, please spend some time at the following link:

It may also help to note that appeals to other denominations will do you no good when speaking with a Catholic. We are the first christian church, our truth is unchanging, our Apostolic Succession is provable, our theology is sound, and we carry with us the promisses of Christ. You will get absolutely no progress from appealing to various “sects” and asking “how do I know”. You can know because only one Church goes all the way back to the Apostles, and still teaches what they teach (provably!).
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