How can one find out if his/her marriage has been annulled?

Is it possible that a one party of Catholic couple that has been married in the Church can get the marriage annulled without the other knowing about it? A devout Catholic couple married in the Church got divorced, because they were always fighting. One year later the woman became engaged to be married again. Her ex-husband, a close friend of mine, was very surprised, because he said that he did not think either of them could get married in the Church again unless the first marriage was annulled, and he was never notified.

This situation provide several questions: 1. Is it still Church doctrine that a Catholic marriage must be annulled before either party can get remarried in the Church?
2. Can one of the couple get the marriage annulled without the other being notified?
3. How can my friend find out if his marriage has either been annulled or is in the process of being annulled?:confused:

  1. It is impossible to be married in the Church without a prior marriage being declared null.

  2. Canon Law requires the Respondent to be notified when the process begins and when a decision has been reached. The only possible exception to this would be if the Respondent’s location was truly unknowable.

  3. I don’t know how you can find out if its “in the process” other than receiving the initial notification. However, if a decree of nullity has been issued then the sacramental records would contain that information. A person could obtain their baptismal certificate and check the back for the notice of marriage. If an annulment is final then that record should show it.

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