How can scientists study sex in a morally permissible way?

It seems that if a scientist were to study sex or something of that, he/she may probably go against the moral law. An example; When I took a course on the brain, we watched this video where in one part, they discussed what goes on in the brain during sex, but the experiment they conducted involved this couple to masturbate each other. Something obviously against Church Teaching, so the question is, can scientists study sex without going against the moral (or even natural) law?

Scientists, doctors, judges and lawyers have as much expertise on morality as the mechanic at the corner garage based solely on their occupations. Maybe less!

That’s kind of what the OP was getting at.

My opinion, it can be done, but should be limited in scope to married couples engaged in a properly-formed marital act.

Unfortunately, our society doesn’t pay much heed to the proper form of the act, so this sort of study would probably never get funded.

I suppose that a device that were unobtrusive enough could record the relevant activity of the moral marital act without recording anything visually graphic, and then that could be studied.

However, I seriously question this kind of study. Where do we draw the line? I would take a gander that contemporary society would say: “No where, all is game”. And I just don’t agree with that. Should we also measure the priest’s brain activity when he’s consecrating the bread and wine? When we receive the Eucharist? I don’t think all the time is appropriate for scientific study.

I think it has some uses for maybe helping people that have sexual disorders. If they can find what is different between a healthy person’s brain and the disordered person’s brain, maybe they could create some medicine or treatment for the disorder. I think it is perfectly fine for them to study sex as long as they are not seeing the actual act, the couple is married, and the couple performs a moral act (no masturbation or contraception). What the researchers see is just health readings like heart rate, temperature, brain waves, hormone changes, etc. But yes secular researchers don’t care about this and will use whatever means necessary for their research. I know there are universities that invite individual people to masturbate for this research. This is a grave sin both on the part of the volunteer and the doctor, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way for it to be done in a moral way.

How is it against church teaching? fondling and digital stimulation as in foreplay are allowed as long as the act ends with ejaculation in the vagina. Is this not correct? They are touching each other… not themselves.

In my humble opinion, your manner of writing for explaining is not totally adequate. In reality, I understand the meaning of what you want say, but your writing is unfair. If a couple, man and woman touch the other on the sexual external parts for the sexual stimulation, this action is not the masturbation, per se, it is a wrong act because the purpose is not the preparation in favor of the the complete marital act. The name of masturbation is false, because the masturbation is on yourself by yourself and out of the context of the marital act. Here, the act is morally wrong , but the name is not the masturbation. The acception of the sin of onan is larger than the masturbation. Otherwise, you will be on the same line than many crazy theologies that are circulated on the web.
Be prudent in your explanation.


I think according to Catholic theology they cannot.

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