How can the Catholic Chuch condone war?

How can the Catholic Church condone war when the bible calls us to love our enemies and to turn the other cheek?
Also when Peter was trying to defend Jesus he cut off the ear of a soldier and Jesus said something along the lines of those who take up the sword will parish by the sword. I know in the OT war was condoned but it seems Jesus is trying to say war is wrong even in self defense because we are called to turn the other cheek. Help on understanding this would be much appreciated.

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The Church does not condone war.
This might help some. Just War Doctrine

I have wondered the SAME thing, Lenny. After all, it’s not like we can say, “I can’t be drafted because I’m catholic.”

While we can’t condone war for the sake of war, we should protect the innocent of our country, which can sometimes lead to war. Not in every case, but in the same way a father could morally shoot an intruder to his home if he was a threat to his wife and children, so to can a country can go to war to protect itself.

The Church recognises that people or even a country have the right to defend themselves. We are not taught to let evil run rampant.

I was taught that most people misunderstand the turn the other cheek verse, because we do not understand the culture during that time. In certain circumstances a person might choose to “wake up” some one by slapping them (back hand) It was a chastisment. However it would be considered wrong & abusive to hit someone with the palm, or the fist. Turning the other cheek would force that person to hit you with the palm or fist if they wished to continue their agression. What turning the other cheek does is silently ask, “Will you dare to abuse me? Is that who you are?” The result most often would be that it would make the slapper STOP! It would encourage them to reconsider how emotionally charged the situation has become.

Sometimes a war is needed for defence. Look at World War II. If the Allies didn’t fight Hitler, Hitler would have taken over the world. If a madman were to commit a mass shooting, and you had a gun and could stop him, you’d use it, wouldn’t you?

The Vatican did not condone the Iraq War, didn’t think it was at all necessary and worked hard to broker a diplomatic solution.

Self-defence is not sin, nor is defending others. You could even say it is a duty of the state.

A more pressing question is how could people think that God is a pacifist? If love of neighbor compelled me to fight the wicked then what must be done is obvious. The blood of the innocent cries out for justice, and to let them suffer without lifting a finger sounds anti-Christian.

War must be just, however. We shouldn’t be pleased about it, but act reasonable and fight when there is something worth fighting for. Pacifism says that there is nothing worth fighting for, to give our lives for, to sacrifice our own feelings for the greater good.

Are you seriously suggesting that Jesus is saying that if your country is invaded everyone should just stand idly by and let mothers, wives, sisters, daughters be raped and men, women and children be murdered???

Don’t forget, Jesus *did *whip the money changers out of the temple.

Another thing: look at the old testament.

Thank you this answered my question very well

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