How can we be happy in Heaven with out loved ones

If my children or family members are not in heaven how could I be happy, knowing they are not there? :confused:

That is a very good question and one that I have thought about extensively and honestly I cannot come up with a suitable answer only to say that with God, ALL things are possible so I will leave that completely up to Him. We do, however, have His assurance that if we make it to Heaven we will experience total happiness that is why beyond our human comprehension so I have stopped worry about that and put my trust in God.


I also wonder about this. I especially worry about never seeing my dogs again…this may sound silly but I can’t help it…it hurts…I can cope with family members because I know I will be reunited with them in heaven but my dogs I’m not so sure. A priest once told me Heaven will have whatever I need to he happy and if that means my dogs than they very well could be there. As the previous poster suggested…all things are possible with God : )

If a loved one has rejected God, and this is made known at Judgement, whatever affection you have for them will cease by your own will.

We will, in time, see in them what God sees. What is hidden will be made known. The innermost intentions of their heart will be revealed. God is not going to have us cope with this by means of drugging us with supernatural bliss until we are too stupid to care. Quite the opposite: we will be granted perfect clarity, and we will thus align ourselves with God’s justice, without the faintest shadow of hesitation.

Sorry but you don’t know that. None of us know if our loved ones who died were saved or not and we don’t know in advance if we will be saved.

Ok well it doesn’t really matter because what I do know is that I will be perfectly happy regardless : )

Maybe but it doesn’t really matter because what I do know is that I will be perfectly happy so I can cope regardless : )

You will only be happy if you are saved and only God (not us) knows who will be saved.
If you find yourself in Hell you won’t be happy.

Oh so my entire life is a big game of Russian Roueltte, cool!

Your profile says you are Catholic so I assumed you knew the Church teachings.
If you die in a state of grace you are saved. If you die in a state of mortal sin you go to Hell. Nobody knows in advance the state we will die in.

Yeas ago when I taught an adult class a father asked me that same question, so I asked Fr. Bill. and he said, " You may not like the answer but if your child has made themself an emeny of God and is in Hell, then that child will also be an enemy of yours. Our earthly relationships will not be the same in Heaven. We will share such great Joy with those we love in Heaven such as we never knew on earth, but the ones in Hell, we fully understand why they are there of their own choosing. Fr. went on to explaine that sometimes there are situations so bad even on earth, when parents disown their children and want nothing to do with them. And sometimes the other way around. Not a pleasent thought I know but we do know that God has promised complete Joy in Heaven. God Bless, Memaw

Then I best stay in a state of grace! : )

In Russian Roulette you don’t know where the bullet is. but in life you know or should know your faith well enough to love it and live it. If you don’t know your Catholic Faith then I suggest you start now learning it. There are plenty of sources right here on CAF to get started. I would even say talk to your pastor about classes, maybe even RCIA. Don’t forget that Jesus is a Loving and Merciful Lord and He died for our sins. He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. There is no other safe way.God Bless, Memaw

These are both very good answers.

It seems to me…
The problem we run into is that we want to think that heaven is somehow a continuation of our life here on earth…maybe because our ability to understand is so limited.
Yet it is not a continuation of this earthly life…Eternal life is a perfection of our existence and much that seems important here will mean nothing in the hereafter.


Matthew 10:35-36 comes to mind.

For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household.

Thanks Memaw! :thumbsup:

I agree, I tend to do that too, which is why I’ve stopped thinking about what eternal life in heaven will be like all together. I just know everything will be ok because God said so and that’s enough for me.

Amen -
I figure that God has given us plenty to do here and now - just in our daily lives.
Since our goal is to become perfected in Agape (Mt 5:48) because Agape is what God IS (1 John 4:7-8), I just assume that to be in heaven is to be immersed in Agape.
now how we might “visualize” that in the here and now…:shrug:


We are now living among some people who will be going to hell. Of course, only God is the judge, but some are living in the state of mortal sin. I have been instrumental by the grace of God and in cooperation with the Holy Spirit to have changed the lives of a few people who were open to following the will of God for them. Some are not yet open to hearing the truth. All are in my prayers that they will see the light of Christ. Somehow I have gotten the impression that when we arrive in Heaven and learn of a loved one who is not there–the poster said it well–that we will understand it all. Now I have pictured my family members there running up to greet me and my little pug Shea with them. None of us really know where we are going because we will all be judged, but I am doing the best to do the will of God and get to Heaven for eternity, because this world is not our home.

My understanding of heaven is that it’s perfect, so by definition you’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

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