How can we choose to do the greater good if we don't have the grace to? (positive imperfections)

So I’m sure some of you might know I have been hung up on the topic of imperfections.

By imperfections, I’m talking about “Positive Imperfections”: which is an intentional omission of an act of charity that is not obliged…or an act that was good but didn’t fulfill it’s whole potential of goodness.

So in other words, “not choosing the greater good”

There was a bishop who described a positive imperfection as “having the ability to do 66% but only decide to do 33%”

My question is what is the scenario with somebody who WANTS and does everything in his power to do the better good but doesn’t have the grace to achieve it and his efforts failed? Is that considered “choosing the better act”?

So if somebody does everything in their power to try to reach 66% but only have the compacity to get to 55%…is that still pleasing to God and the person chose the greater good?

I ask because alot of times I WILL the greater good to happen but I always fail…so I worry I’m committing a positive imperfection and have sinned…and there is nothing I can do about it, thus leading me to despair:(

One of the examples I’m talking about is loving God out of love instead of fear. I WANT to do all things for the love of God. I WILL things trying to FORCE the love of God in all things I do and try my hardest to fight the desire of the servile fear…but I fail and have a deeper fear of his punishments when I do the said action.

You’re overthinking it. Just do your best.

BTW The fear of God is grace itself and not to be shunned. It helps orient us in the right direction (towards God) and proceed on the path to greater charity. You are right that motives springing from the love of God are greater than motives springing from fear of God, but if we are not yet advanced in perfection (I am not), then we do well to let fear of God motivate us too.

Ben, the man who does not experience the justifying grace of God recognizes a rift between his reasoned desire for goodness and his actual performance contrary to goodness. The two are basically opposed. Unable to free himself from sin he can only be rescued from defeat by the power of God’s grace through our savior Jesus Christ, and Ben you as a Catholic Christian have rec’d that grace and the power of justification at the time of your Baptism.
How often do we hear the quip, " let go and let God. :)We pray for complete trust!
Peace, Carlan

God only asks that you do your best. So just do your best to please Him and don’t worry – just do everything you do for the love of God. God bless you.

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