How can we get music with better lyrics in the Top 40?

I like the beat and sound to the music in the Top 40 in this country, but some of the lyrics are downright mean. How can we change this?

Listen to the top 40 from 50 years ago–the Sirius Gold channel or XM’s “50s on 5” channel.

Just a thought.

Lyrics mean very little when it comes to music and people liking it. It is how is sounds. Most lyrics don’t make any sense anyways. But I agree, it is a shame that talented people write such terrible stuff in their lyrics.

Refuse to buy that stuff, whether it be CDs or downloads or whatever, and encourage others to do the same. Save your money for music with more wholesome lyrics. Or learn to like country music or all-instrumental stuff with no lyrics! :wink:

To the OP…find an Oldies station.


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