How can we know God's purpose toward us?

How can we distinguish between what we want and God’s plan? Sometimes I confuse my intention with God’s. Please help me.

One way you can do this: In the Ignatian way of proceeding, you can look at a given choice between two things. Which is the greater good? The answer: The greater good is God’s will for you.


I asked this exact question of my Bishop. How can I know and discern between what I think God wants, and what God truly wants.

He answered ‘let God lead you one step at a time, it is good to have a plan, but let God lead one step at a time’.


Mmm I’m still confused. But thank you

Wow. So we have to hold tigh on to our faith.

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Where’s the confusion?

Sometimes I don’t know which is greater good. There are too many choices. All of them are almost the same.

Have you prayed about it? Maybe asked the advice of a trusted priest on how to discern?

Here’s a suggestion: Play out the ramifications of each choice in your mind, seeing all the angles of it; as you’re praying about it. Ask God’s advice.

Another suggestion: Discern where the good spirit inclines you to go as you pray.

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@anhphan I always enjoy your unique outlook, anhphan. I’m glad that you keep returning to CAF.

You know, we’re almost all plagued by your question, at least at some point of our lives, if not over and over again. Many, many times it’s had me in a quandary.

Make a list of “pro” statements and “con” statements for the issue at hand. Which list is longer? Are there other issues. Make the lists for them, too.

Pray. Carry on an internal conversation with God as you do with your friends in reality. Let the love present in the chapel while you kneel or sit in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament at Adoration soak into your very being. TRUST in the Lord. Keep up with your normal responsiblilities and continue to pray and trust. Your answers will come to you.

Best wishes.


I heartily agree with Minks.


Wow thank you very much. I’m glad that you take notice of my outlook :):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I see. Thank you very much

God’s plan is for you to get to heaven.

God then also sets for each person a vocation, to marriage or to religious life. One may discern that vocation, or not.

Aside from that, each choice we make is weighed by those two things

Will this help me get to heaven or hinder my journey to heaven?

Will this help me live my vocation or hinder my vocation?

After that, we are given rational minds and free will to make decisions on our own.


That is what doing God’s will is all about. Hold tight to our faith, trust in God and live our life, allowing God to lead. We may not always know we are being led.

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