How can we learn to ask "what is God's will for me?"


Been wondering why I don’t ask more often “what’s God will in this?” or “what’s God’s will for me in this circumstance”. Wondering why more people don’t ask this and try to find out the answer.

Any ideas?

Thanks for listening.

To learn what God wills for an individual requires prayer, patience and a lot of thought. Some may be still unravelling the mystery, some may be dipping a toe in a possible path and another may be closing the ears and deciding not to listen to God either indefintaley or for a short time.

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I probably sound like a broken record, but I find that sincere time, in front of Our Lord at Adoration is absolutely the best way to discern God’s will. I have had so many questions answered in this manner.

Am I perfect in my response? No. I wish I were. But as a practicing Catholic, I find that the more practice I do, the better I get at it.


I have taken up saying a short prayer to God sometimes about helping me discern His Will for me and granting me the humility to obey.

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I have found taking only a few minutes kneeling at the Adoration Chapel in prayer can be a very profound experience.

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10,000% agree.

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Just consider yourself.
Other people shouldn’t concern you -
Even if your in the seminary -

As a Catholic - it’s up to us to find out though - and follow through with it !

One thing is for sure though, you should be carrying your cross.

Here is another false problem that is generally raised in the Church, because the will of God is obvious, I always thought that until I read St John Eudes who confirmed my thoughts.
God’s will is in his commandments, in his counsels, and in all the events that occur (good or bad) in other words when something happens (for good or bad) is that God 'wanted.
So a young man does not know if God wants him to be doctors or not? God wants him to be free to choose what he wants. St Augustine said, “Love and do what you want” in other words our concern must be to practice charity as perfectly as possible, everything else is of the order of our freedom.
That’s all

Precision, one must seek to do what God commands, or what God advises, and not necessarily what God wants.
For example, if my child is sick, it is because God wanted him to be sick, but God commands me to give him health. So I have to do what God commands me, and not necessarily what God actually wants

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