How can we marry in old age while not wanting children?

We keep hitting a wall and are struggling so much on our path to marriage. I will be 52 and my girlfriend is turning 40 and so much want to reach marriage, however due to our age we do not want to have children and continue our spiritual path. We both love each other very much, try to attend daily mass, pray rosaries and discuss/mediate on readings, Catholic literiture and try to follow the teachings of the Church. We are both totally pro-life and adhere to the Catholic teachings on contraception. She is afraid to the option of NFP as she does not know when her cycles are coming due to many body changes.

I gave up everything years ago to volunteer and run a Catholic non-profit and she has a high level career and she would be the sole bread winner as I would continue in the SVDP ministry.

I am aware that Gods will is always done and we can not/dare not go against it. However she is really struggling as if she were to get pregnant we would be old in age by the time the child grew and become an adult.

Dear friend,

Any attempt to marry in the Catholic Church with the intention of blocking the possibility of having children would render the marriage invalid. I know many people who have given birth to children in their forties. Trust the Lord. His will is always perfect. If He wants you to have a child, how can you refuse Him. He will give you both what you need to follow His will. Your lives are all about Him–not about you. The more we fret and worry, the more self-centered we become. You are in our prayers. Trust Him and stop worrying.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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