How can we prove that Catholicism is true?


There have been many attempts to prove that God exists. But, perhaps what is more important to Catholicism is to prove that Catholicism is true. How can we prove that Catholicism is true?

Well, I know that some people may say that faith is not based on proof, or something etc. That may be true for you. But, you want to persuade others to believe in Catholicism, don’t you? If you want to do so, you may need to persuade others to believe that Catholicism is true. So, the need of proving that Catholicism is true still exists.

The only things that I know about and may be used to prove that Catholicism is true are many miracles of Catholicism, for example, the apparition of Virgin Mary at Fatima. However, after I contemplate the nature of miracles, it seems that a miracle can only prove that the miracle is caused by something that has stronger power than mankind, but doesn’t prove that the information that the miracle convey is true. So, it seems that miracles cannot prove that Catholicism is true.

So, is there any other proof that can prove that Catholicism is true?


Everything should be judged by it’s fruit. IMO the Catholic Church, or Catholicism, has produced a lot of good fruit. What fruit do you see or experience from Catholicism?


Indeed, there are many good fruits from Catholicism. But it seems that good fruits cannot prove that Catholicism is true. Good fruits even seem to be weaker than miracles in proving that.


IMO the best proof is the continuity of the Church from Jesus up to this day, and the seed of martyrdom. In human terms, it is the only religion where the founder was killed, his inner circle of followers were killed, and many believers killed for 300 years and yet has continued to grow up to the present day.


It all comes down to history. This is the only way to prove the truth of Catholicism, or even Christianity or even the Bible for that fact.

Non of these can prove themselves to be true. This would be considered circular reasoning.

You can’t say I believe the Bible is the word of God because the Bible says it is the word of God. Circular.

Same with I believe Catholicism is true because they have miracles and the Catholic Church says miracles are a sign of truth. Circular.

You need to start with I pick up the Bible which is regarded by many scholars to be a historical point of reference. This historical book speaks about this guy named Jesus. This book tells us He did many miracles, He had followers, He was crucified, etc.

This book tells us He started a Church and the members of His Church were willing to die for what they believed. This book tells us He claimed to be God and said He would never leave His Church. He also said His followers would Baptize all nations into His VISIBLE ONE, VISIBLE unified Church. Non-Biblical History shows us that a Church was started called the Catholic Church. Since Jesus said the gates would not prevail against His Church we should be able to see evidence of Jesus Church in every century for the last 2000 years. …

It all comes down to history.

I have no problem, with someone saying the Catholic Church isn’t the Church founded by Christ. I say fine then which one is the one that He founded and would be a light to the world throughout every century.

Hope this helps,

God Bless



I was born and raised a Catholic. After reading the Bible from start to finish recently, my view is turning more towards Christianity. I believe Catholicism is important, but I feel there are many traditions taught in Catholicism that aren’t in the Bible. I don’t feel that you need to confess your sins to a priest in order to be forgiven. According to the Bible, you’re able to confess directly to God which is what I choose to do. I’ve even recently talked about attending a local Christian service on the weekends instead of going to my parish. I’ve seen a lot of judgement and contempt in the Catholic church and I don’t see that nearly as much in the Christian community. I have many Christian friends who also felt this way when they were Catholics. This is just my two cents on the topic. I don’t think anyone being a Catholic and/or Christian is wrong.


Honestly, if the media began preaching Catholicism and told everyone it was good, give it 10 years and the Church’s would be full. People question very little and readily obey the media.


You do realize that Catholics also believe in confessing directly to God, yes?


Just curious what part of the Bible led you to believe everything we believe must be contained in the Bible? And how do you know with absolute certainty that you interpreted that part correctly?

Not trying to be mean or argumentative here. I just have a hard time wrapping my brain around how easily people are convinced they got it right. There is pretty much nothing in this life that I haven’t been able to accomplish, on my own. Trial and error and learn from my mistakes. My motto is… things are so expensive now a days I can screw up 5 times and still break even. I think that’s why I have a hard time going it on my own when it comes to eternal salvation. There is no trial and error process, it’s one and done. There is no way you can know, on you own interpretation, if you took the narrow road or the wide road, until judgement day.

I just have a hard time understanding how non-Catholic Christians can claim Jesus did not leave us a visible shepherd to guide us to His truth. Why would He leave us on our own to our own with our own misguided will?
Just really need to understand what you found in the Bible that made it so easy to leave Jesus’ guide that has been here from the beginning.


God Bless


You believe Peter was given the keys to the kingdom and the apostles were given the authority to forgive sins? Do you think people stopped sinning when the last apostles died?

Did you read the complete bible or the Protestant bible? They chucked 7 books which explain where the Catholics and orthodox Christians get some of their dogma not seen in Protestant Churches. Luther didn’t like it.


Proofs are just logical conclusions based on everyone agreeing to your terms and definitions. That has nothing to do with demonstrating that catholicism or anything else matches reality though. I can logically prove that the Hulk is true if you agree to my terms and conclusions, still doesn’t make him actually exist in reality. So better question, does reality reflect the claims of catholicism or not? Can you demonstrate your claims that are in direct reference to what reality actually indicates it to be?


I would add that Luther almost threw out the Epistle of James too because it goes directly against his ‘sola fide’ belief.


Have you ever read this article:


I’m not following you here. Could you maybe give an example of which part of the Catholic Church’s claim, to be the Church founded by Christ, that goes against reality?



Whence the need of proving it? For oneself, Catholicism is “proved” by living it. You know you are a Catholic at heart. And if you don’t know that, well, then you aren’t one. It’s the same as being a man (if you’re a man) or a woman (if you’re a woman). You don’t need to prove it, because you are living it.

Only when I perceive that they are in need of it, in which case I present it not as the “best” option among many others (e.g. protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.) but as the Very Pursuit of Truth, not (only) philosophically but (especially) through life as a fully engaged experience. What’s there to be proven “true” about that?

Indeed they can’t. Many miracles are worked outside of the Catholic Church – at least outside the visible Catholic Church anyway.

In closing: words, evidence, facts, no matter how accurate they are, never “convince” if the principle behind them isn’t recognized. If you want to bring others to Catholicism, embody the Catholic principle at whatever cost – and the cost may indeed be very high. Thus, you will become the proof, and through this act you will work your own Salvation and bring others to the Faith at the same time. Neat trick huh?



The answer is miracles, 100%. No other so-called religions have them (I’m talking about major miracles that are witnessed by the senses).

The miracle of Fatima cannot be argued when one looks into it in detail. Neither can the healings at Lourdes. So many other miracles can be read about that are absolutely fascinating including the incorruptibles and Eucharistic miracles, which you can go see yourself in Europe. Then there is the stigmata, Eucharistic fasts and on and on the list goes - all reserved to Catholicism. People love to try and say other religions have their miracles, but when you ask for proof or a major miracle, no proof is ever provided.


Our rotten culture demands proof.

Proof runs counter to the theological virtue of faith.

Just that simple.


Every claim of the supernatural’s existence and to channel powers from beings in the supernatural realm and to have a close personal relationship with these entities.

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