How can we show God is being itself?

I asked my philosophy professor to read over my paper (which is due tomorrow) and he wants me to add a discussion on theological method on how we can prove God is being (since I am making the assertion that God “is”).

Is there any source (preferably a book available online which I don’t have to buy such as The Summa) I can use which is relatively brief to read? Would the Summa Theologica be helpful in that? I’m looking for a discussion on the method of how we can prove God is being itself.

Thank you and Happy Easter!

PS: I posted in the philosophy section but wasn’t sure if I should also post here. If I’m posting in the wrong place, please feel free to correct it (not sure how the forum dynamics work yet)!

This is merely my opinion and it will definitely be of no help to you but I believe that only God can “prove” that God Is.

Thanks, Tom Baum! I looked at Aquinas’ proof from the Summa, hopefully that is somewhat sufficient for the purpose of my paper!

If one wants to quote scripture to answer this question - when Moses asks God whom he should tell the Israelites sent him, God answers “tell them I AM”. When the crowd with torches and clubs comes for Jesus and he identifies himself he says I AM and they all fall to the ground. Maybe God is trying to tell us something there…

Aquinas’ De Ente et Essentia is a good text for what you want.

Thanks! I’ve already handed in my paper quite some time ago, but I love that you still replied! I’ll add that on my list of books to read! Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate it!!!

Precisely, all else is just a human mental exercise,


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