How can you be so sure that 'God' exists?

I’m an Atheist, have been an atheist since I was 4, and will be until I die.
Now my question here is what evidence, other than ‘the bible’ and ‘faith’, of God do you have? What real evidence?
Now, all the theists I know, were raised since birth in a specific religion. They had no choice. They were brainwashed. If you told a small child that a large piece of pizza on a flying carpet in the clouds created the world, they’d believe it. Especially if it was such a supported concept, like religion is today. The Bible is a book written by people thousands of years ago. If Harry Potter was written thousands of years ago, would that make it true?

The main thing I have against religion, and why I’m atheist, is because religion gives people the right to discriminate. I guarantee that over 75% of the wars ever started were related to religion. I know that lots of theists do not use religion to discriminate, but there are lots who do. Westboro Baptist Church for example.

Another thing, how do you know that ‘your’ religion is right, and that all the others are wrong?
There are many religions out there. Just because you were raised in it, you believe its right?

Now, heaven and hell… doesn’t that sound like a bribe and a threat?
Religion was used to control people thousands of years ago!
God didn’t create Man, Man created God!
You guys are too brainwashed to see that.

Now, before you guys say “You are going to hell!” I would like to say something.
I do not believe in hell. Besides, if the ‘immaculate’ guy running heaven is so sensitive of even people who don’t acknowledge his existence enough to send them to a burning fiery place of suffering, then I welcome hell. Satan can’t be as bad as that guy.

Oh yeah, if you don’t publicly answer all of my points, then we know you are a pansy.
Yet, its going to be hard for someone who’s normal argument is “FIND JESUS” to answer without looking stupid. Try using logic instead… wait, but then you’d be on my side.

[quote=LXA]The main thing I have against religion, and why I’m atheist, is because religion gives people the right to discriminate.

Reading through your post, it is evident that you have a great deal of bigotry toward theists. So, then, what gives atheists the right to discriminate?

There is such a palpable hatred seething in your post that I doubt any words of mine could reach you at this point. All I can do for you is to pray for you and ask CAF readers to pray for you. May God, whom you refuse to believe in, through the intercession of St. Edith Stein, who was once an atheist herself, shower you with the waters of divine grace, refreshing your soul and extinguishing the fires in danger of consuming your soul.

God bless you and keep you.

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