How can you become a consecrated single?


are their other ways besides the order of virgins or being a hermit?

all I know is that I definitely have no desire to be married, on the other hand, I also don’t necessarily feel called to full religious life. so I have been exploring my options

my strongest desire is to be single in the world and take a vow of celibacy of some kind. I suppose my only option is to find a secular third order, unless there is another way to be a consecrated single

I don’t think I would qualify to be a consecrated virgin, due to some past unchastity, even though it was not loss of virginity in the traditional sense, but I think it would still feel a bit dishonest.

tried to talk to my spiritual director about it but he kind of just gave me a vague answer that wasn’t very helpful


If you’re still physically a virgin, that’s what counts, along with having the actual vocation.

Secular Institutes could be an option. Third Orders or Oblatures, would be available, as well. Lay Associations, too.

Could your spiritual director guide you through drawing up your own Personal Prayer Rule? And if you did so, what would you be inspired to wear to show this?



Have you tried contacting someone in your diocese that is responsible for vocations and/or religious life? They might be able to point you in the right direction.


If you’re not a virgin, you can’t become a consecrated virgin, but all the third orders would welcome you. Find the one that resonates with you most, e.g. Carmelites, Benedictines, etc.


If you are a virgin and interested in becoming a Consecrated Virgin visit:

Contact them for information on whether you qualify.

I am a virgin who has always lived in the family home and only dated one man, but I am still guilty of public unchastity under Canon law and am not pure enough to be considered. I was advised to do a private vow of virginity. Canon law is stricter than God sometimes! :o

I made a private vow and just lead a private life totally devoted to God - mass every day, full Liturgy of the Hours, work for the church, strict rule of life, etc. My private vow was just me and God. You could do it for a period of time. I consider mine irrevocable and forever. I never found anyone to talk about it, so I have done everything on my own. Priests seemed pretty clueless about anything other than religious life.

Your vocations office should help - especially if you have a “Consecrated Life” office in your diocese.


You may want to contact the Diocese of Sioux City for more information, as we do have someone who is a consecrated virgin.


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