How can you tell that God wants you to have or do something? Confused


**Since 2002, I wanted to move to Boston and get my master degree. I planned, I even avoided being in a relationship in order to make sure that there would be no obstacles between me and getting a master degree.

A lot happen since I graduated from undergrad(2002). First, I needed to get some work experience which I did get. I got great job positions and learned a lot. By 2004, family issues erupted, and I had to be there for my mom and dad. My little brother was also going through a rough time hanging with the wrong crowd. My dad passed in 2005 not long after my grand father died ( mom’s dad). I remained by mom’s side after dad died. I took care of mom (she has back problems), my granny( bedridden and blind), my sister in law who was pregnant and tutored my little brother who was flunking.

Time went by, mom, bro and granny are fine. Now the time as come for me to take care of ME. I studied for my entrance exams, and it seemed everything was handed to me on a silver platter. Software that I need and couldn’t afford. I ended up getting it for very little.Just for the right amount of time needed. I discovered some incredible resources to help me get a high score on my exam…didn’t spend money for extra books, etc, etc.

It seems whenever I ask god, whether i should go, i get outrageous signs. I keep bumping into people who traveled to Boston, coming back from Boston, lived in Boston, wearing Boston t-shirts.watching TV people out of the blue talking about Boston. This happens almost instantly after I ask god what I should do. I even saw a huge bus with GMAT get your master degree today!! Which all of this is VERY unusual to see in my area(Canada)

Now, I hesitate with all the talk about what is going on in the us. It seems I’m getting the green light from above. Yet there are rumors of fema camps, the economy is going bad. How do I know what god wants me to do? What should I do?******


You’ll know, and you don’t have to go through any agonizing (like the one you’re having now) just to know- you’ll just know something is how God wants to happen to you.

There’s one thing you have to do first. You have to believe in God, not “believing” in the sense that you say to yourself “Yes, I believe in God,” but believing in the sense of believing EVERYTHING that God teaches. For women this means not having anything to do with contraception, abortion, and sex outside marriage, among others. For men, this means not having sex outside marriage, keeping one’s thoughts pure, not masturbating, among others.

For all it means praying regularly and frequently, doing one’s work the best way one can do it, and keeping the Ten Commandments.


Hmm… I just faced a similar situation, I moved somewhere thinking it was of my own accord, I was abrubtly shifted around and am now at my final destination for a while. My initial move was close by and helped necessitate the move to the final spot, but wow, just wow, the total uncertainty once I was shifted, not anything I’d wish upon anybody.

That said, I’ve lived in several areas of the world, life is short, time for an adventure, if it’s Boston for you, so be it.


Keep in mind God will also confirm it with situation and environment.
I suggest you not to worry about it but put your application in. If you do receive an admission from, say, Harvard, along with good financial aid, then it may be a further sign?
Put your dream into God’s hand and trust in Him. Keep on praying and you will know.

God bless!

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