How catholics should treat their mormon friends on this forum..


I think that the video says a lot…:slight_smile:

St. Francis was not afraid to declare the truth and to confront heresies. Neither are we.

You are worrying too much about all of this. These folks are not “Catholics”. They are (most of them) Mormons apostates. They no more believe in Catholicism than they beleive in Mormonism. They just think that Catholicism gives them a suitable platform from which to bash Mormonism. I wouldn’t worry about them too much. You make them think they are more important than they really are. Best to leave them alone. They will eventually fall by the wayside, as those who have gone before tham have done; and they will be “despised by those who flattered them” (D&C 121:20).


Pretty video. I like Angelina. But I see no connection in the video to CAF or to Mormons. :confused::confused:

Of course they are Catholics. The thing that makes you “fearful” of them is, not only are they well versed in Catholicism but also in the Mormon church. Knowledge can be a powerful weapon against falsehood.

It is because the former mormon catholics and their catholic allies do just the opposite of the prayer of saint francis when it comes to having a dialogue with mormons on this section of the forum.

How can you claim to know what these people believe? Evidently, if they’ve become Catholics, they did so freely and through a likely difficult process. They have not joined Catholicism solely because they sought a “suitable platform from which to bash Mormonism.” Even atheism would suffice for such a platform.

Their tone left much to be desired. And their tone had nothing to do with the prayer of saint francis.

I have the right to self-defense. I long ago learned not to act like an Ammonite. :wink: It’s just not safe.

Who is “they”? Your title refrences “catholics”. There are thousands of Catholic posters on this site and there is no single “tone” that can be attributed to them. Most of them are even human and may post in different tones on different days. :smiley:

Thanks for your excellent point. I appreciate your insight into human behavior. Spot on!:thumbsup:

Well, you may be right. However, at times the tone can be aggressive, mocking, unrighteous, unchristian and unloving.

I posted the thread so catholics can remember the prayer of saint francis when dealing with mormons and any other faith that may cross their path on this forum. At times some of the catholic posters have behaved just the opposite of the prayer.

I think we all pray for charity and grace when posting here but we are all human as was stated. The descriptions you use are not unique to catholics here.

Peace Be With You and I personally pray that we soften our hearts toward one another.

The goal is to defend no offend :slight_smile:


OK, now when are you going to post the video on how Mormons should behave towards Catholics and Orthodox? You know, not calling our Churches names and dropping this stupid, unfounded “great apostasy” theory.

You can cry all you want, but Mormons are just as bad as the worst Catholics you can think of. :They’re nothing but sheep-stealers, preying on nominal Catholics and other Christians of the Apostolic Churches in an attempt to replace their time-tested Christian values with Mormonism’s warped, un-Christian ideology.

Indeed, someone here is behaving in a non-Christian manner, but it isn’t the Catholics who point out Mormon lies and heresy.

Okay, here is your catechism lesson for today:

Go back to the OP and listen to the song again. Then click on this song and listen carefully to the words. Finally, after listening to two beautiful songs, go back and rewrite your post in a more loving and prayerful way.

                                Why Me ( Honorary Catechism Instructor)

You are no sort of Catechism instructor, you’ve shown your lack of understanding of Catholicism on many occasions. From being unable to name one of the basic requirements for a practicing Catholic to encouraging Catholics to ignore the teachings of the church.

As for the admonishment to Catholics here why do I not see you doing this to the LDS on MAAD. You can claim all you want that they are all sweetness and love toward Catholics over there but Fuller, Steele, Space and Six not to mention the bitter ex-Catholic Wetyet are frequent violators of the same standards you call people here on and I don’t see you admonishing them. Where is your posting of St. Francis prayer for them.

Oh the height of Mormon pride… I am sure Z thinks the thousands of Mormons who converted to Catholic this year all did so, so they could get back at Mormonism… Well here is a fact Z needs to face and it is Admitted to By his New Mormon Prophet. ”The LDS church Newspaper Deseret Morning News Published: Thursday, Feb. 14, 2008 reported: “Late President Gordon B. Hinckley once told the Quorum of the Twelve, “Brethren, when my life is finished and the final services are concluding, I am going to rise up as I go by, look each of you in the eye and say, 'How are we doing on retention?”’ The new President of the LDS church has stated that retention of members will be his primary focus. Retention has become a real focus. For you don’t need an abacus to know many members have left the building.
What happened to them?”

In the United States, Mormons are departing from the faith as fast as converts are joining. Converts rarely remain active in the Mormon Church. Graphing activity: When the Graduate Center of the City University of New York conducted an American Religious Identification Survey in 2001, it discovered that about the same number of people said they had joined the LDS Church as said they had left it. The CUNY survey reported the church’s net growth was zero percent.
What is the official Mormon reaction to the articles stating that there are significantly less than 12 million members worldwide? This is from a Salt Lake Tribune article Sep. 1st, 2005 quoting Merrill Bateman, a Mormon Seventy
“…He agreed the LDS Church’s worldwide membership, reported at 12 million, includes many who no longer consider themselves Mormon, but he disagreed with researchers who estimated active Mormons equal only 4 million.
Point: do not be afraid to aggressively help your friends see the truth about Mormonism. Many have left and many more will leave, it is only a matter of someone telling the truth to those who are honest enough to hear it. Mormonism is fading fast and it isn’t because people are trying to get back at anyone. It’s because of the MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE IN THE INFORMATION AGE, EASILY PROVING MORMONISM IS A COMPLETELY SILLY FRAUD.

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