How China has created a new slave empire in Africa

I think I am probably going to die any minute now. An inflamed, deceived mob of about 50 desperate men are crowding round the car, some trying to turn it over, others beating at it with large rocks, all yelling insults and curses.

They have just started to smash the windows. Next, they will pull us out and, well, let’s not think about that …

I am trying not to meet their eyes, but they are staring at me and my companions with rage and hatred such as I haven’t seen in a human face before. Those companions, Barbara Jones and Richard van Ryneveld, are - like me - quite helpless in the back seats. If we get out, we will certainly be beaten to death. If we stay where we are, we will probably be beaten to death.

Chinese Government seems to have little regard for anyone eg Tibetans, Africans or its own people - see milk scandal and earthquake victims. One hopes more democracy will evolve and a more enlightened attitude but maybe that is wishful thinking.

I don’t think it’s fair to blame China for this. The people in Africa are so poor that they’re willing to work in dangerous conditions to mine ore, and China is buying the ore. Isn’t the real problem that the Africans have so few options to begin with? I wouldn’t blame China for providing them with an option.

In Marxist Socialist (i.e. Communist) countries, people are property of the state. Thus they are nothing but slaves.

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