How clean is YOUR house?


Mine’s a mess…how 'bout you?


Just returned home from Christmas traveling…looks like a train wreck.:o


A clean house is a sign of a sick mind. :smiley: :wink:

'thann (whose house is definitely not clean!)


My house is as clean as it always is. :stuck_out_tongue:


so clean you could operate, eat off the floors …sorry:o


The birdcage is clean. So are the kitchen counters. The rest is problematic. Most people would not wish to visit for a lengthy period.


about as sterile as an operating room!:eek: (and I’m not kidding):eek:

Yeah, I know…I think I have OCD when it comes to cleaning…I won’t even tell you how many times a day I vacuum…someone would have me locked up for insanity:D :wink: !


Well, up until two days ago it was awful! And we live in an apartment with just us two (hubby and myself) :stuck_out_tongue: . However, my husband has this week off (he’s a teacher) so he’s spent the last two days cleaning everything - wiping down the bathroom which he hates but I can’t bend down to do anymore, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming (desperately needed), doing SIX loads of laundry (we let the bedding and towels build up over time…NEVER doing this again :wink: ), and organizing and “making space” for baby stuff that we got plenty of over Christmas. I can’t even explain how grateful I am! :smiley:


:eek: You vacuum more than once a day?!

Wanna come vacuum mine? :cool:

and do the laundry while you’re at it…:cool: :cool:


I am soooooooo “monkish”.
I cannot stand mess , dirt, clutter, etc.


House is clean, not obsessively, but clean. Now my car, :eek: that’s a whole other story. I don’t know how it accumulates so much junk, but it does. I need to clean it tomorrow!!!


Yes, I vacuum MORE than once a day:o (and I also wet-mop to disinfect my floors 3-4 times a week):eek: I know, I have issues!

Sure, I’ll vacuum for you!:thumbsup:

and laundry is fine with me! (I only like to wash & fold though…as long as you put the clothes away, we have a deal!:wink: )


NOT clean at all:o .

**Ironic that when a baby enters the family we want our homes clean for the little one’s safety, but have the least time and energy to clean it. Not fair:( **

Also, you’ll get varying degrees of perspective on a thread like this. I’m willing to bet that more than half of the people who say their house is not clean have a clean home by common standards, lol.



Clean? What is clean?

Really though, I have a lot of junk laying around and I really need to do the dishes, but I would not say my home is unsanitary.

It’s funny. I look at pictures from before my kids were born and even pictures from after my son was born, but before he was moving around and the house in the background is always so tidy. Now that the kids are bigger, it is useless. They tend to mess it up faster than I can clean it!


That’s why I love it when the kids spend the night at grandma’s house. I can clean the house when they leave, and it’s still clean when they come home a few days later. :thumbsup:


Messy. tons of dishes in the sink, crumbs on the floor, unfolded laundry, hampers full of clothes. Make anyone feel better?


I had 12 days off during the Christmas holiday. I checked out a very long book on tape out of the library and cleaned while I listened. 15 hours of tapes. I cleaned and cleaned - closets, basement, things that I generally gloss over. It was fun and felt great accomplishing something.

But the motivator was the book on tape because it had a due date I had to meet.


Well if you call toys all over the floor, and clothes in baskets, and laundry that needs to be done, then I have the cleanses house lol :thumbsup:

I acutally was a clean freak prior to my fourth child be born six months ago once she came it all went up in the air.


it depends on your definition of clean. vacuumed and mopped NY day (my only chance since Christmas) cleaned the kitchen thoroughly this morning, have not done bathrooms since day after Christmas. I long ago decided to “air out bedding” rather than make beds. Dusting was done before Christmas, well, sometime in Advent, but it has been mostly gloomy and rainy so you couldn’t see the dust until the sun came out this pm. oh well. did all the sheets and towels NY day. finished laundry this morning. took care of all the tabletop clutter with some neat looking baskets I got for Christmas, not any closer to actually filing and dealing with paperwork, but at least we don’t have to trip over it.


I have not been downstairs do any laundry since MONDAY. I was really afraid to go down there…

Well, I just went down there. :eek: :eek:

That’s all I have to say…

BTW, someone removed the bin underneath the laundry shoot and replaced it with a chair. There is a huge mountain of clothes all over the place now! :mad:

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