How come some Evangelical leaders liked Sun Myung Moon?

Moon supposedly got along well with Jerry Falwell. Moon was a bona fide cult leader who claimed to be the Messiah.

I suppose it doesn’t necessarily mean that Falwell endorsed everything Moon claimed, but I can’t seem to find any reference to Falwell condemning Moon’s claims. Some of the things I read (which admittedly weren’t exhaustive) seemed to show Falwell in fact praising Moon – which could have lead his followers into getting the wrong end of the stick.

Were other Christian leaders also friendly (or rather, *too *friendly) with Moon? I’d imagine that Falwell might not have been the only one.

Forgive me if this sounds uncharitable, but I’m not exactly sad that Moon died earlier. I hope it means the end of his stupid cult. I got bilked out of $20 by a girl coming around my neighbourhood soliciting donations, claiming it was for a Catholic cause, and it turned out she was a Moonie. I was really mad about that.

Really? I’d like to see some kind of source, please? (Also, I’m no fan of Moon or Falwell :D).

I worked in a prison as a Chaplain and liked many of the inmates.

I wouldn’t trust them to babysit a goldfish, or look after a potted pant however.

I was reading this

Although as I said, I didn’t look into it exhaustively. Thorough sources aren’t easy to find.

A lot of the news reports that have been coming out also talked of Moon’s friendship with Falwell, but the media being the media, I don’t completely trust its coverage,0,619774.story

Years ago a gospel group called “The Imperials” sang a novelty gospel song tittled “O Buddha” In which they sang “We’re going to see the SON, not Reverend Moon”! Here is a video of the song on You Tube!:cool:

Interesting that Moon was once so well-known that they spoofed him in that song. They spoofed him on the sitcom Soap too. Today I doubt most younger people will know him.

From the Washington Post


Ah. Thanks for that. I read about that ridiculous coronation ceremony but I didn’t get it from good sources, I didn’t know the Post covered it.

I find it curious how nobody seems to have more aggressively figured out who let Moon use the Dirksen reception room. I mean there’s got to be a list somewhere, someone or something that keep track of which senators reserved the room. It’s all supposed to be official, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

According to one of the stories that covered his death Reverend Moon founded a Washington newspaper “The Washington Times” He was also very much against the Communists in N. Korea, and was on friendly terms with some former Republican Presidents, (Nixon, Reagan) But he didn’t believe Jesus was God, just divine.

How odd. I don’t understand how he can separate the two.

So when Moon claimed himself to be the Messiah, did he believe himself to be God, or just “divine” like Jesus? Here is a link to the info I posted.

Moon had a lot of power in some places where he shouldn’t have had it, I think. The Washington Times was held up as one of the pillars of the conservative media. There’s always been this strange reluctance to criticize him, inside and outside the Beltway.

Yeah I was reaching that conclusion too, but I hoped that Falwell was too good to be a sell-out (that’s what he was if we believe the way the media portrays it). I guess I was trying to look for an alternative, more charitable explanation.

Falwell was guilty, as all of us are, of “Cherry Picking” Moon’s teachings that he agreed with. Unfortunately without really digging in he would be then accused of agreeing with ALL of Moon’s teachings. I find it so providential that St. Jerome and companions, when determining the canon of scripture, knew to consider written works as a whole, not just parts. So even though we can draw great information from documents if the entire document isn’t solid then the entire document cannot be considered as canon. That is a lesson we can all learn from. After all, no matter what he believes, Obama will always be connected with Reverend Wright.

Interesting. I’m just sort of confused as to why though. I mean, what would Falwell as a Christian Fundamentalist leader need from Moon? I don’t get it, can someone tell me why Falwell thought cultivating a relationship with Moon beneficial?

If you believe some of the reports: money.

Supposedly Falwell’s Liberty University needed money, he got some from the crazy but wealthy Moon, then began singing his praises.

I seriously was hoping there was a more charitable explanation out there. I’m sincerely hoping as a fellow Christian that the story isn’t that shallow.

This isn’t exactly an academic source, but
the paragraph starting with “Moon was a major contributor”

Well if you believe what has been said about his conduct in the Jim and Tammy Baker scandal then I can believe it. Apparently, Jim Baker came to Falwell when the scandal broke out for help and assistance. Once Falwell got control of the Baker’s ministry apparently he sold the Baker’s out. Of course, at this point that whole episode is so clouded in drama who knows what really happened.

If it makes anyone feel better, I am 32 years old and I did not even know who Moon was. After I read it, I still do not know why he was a big deal :shrug:

Some people have always claimed to be a prophet, messiah, or an alien creature. Why was he any different?
:onpatrol: if I do not hear from my Church about a person, then I do not believe. Hence it is why I am Catholic and not the flavor of the month religion.

It is just as well!:shrug:

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