How come the Angelican rosary and the chotki don't use any mysteries?

the title sums up my question.

What is the Angelican rosary?

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Oh, right. I wondered if it was something ‘Eastern’, with you mentioning the chotki.

Well, when I used to say the rosary as an Anglican, it certainly involved mysteries. I was self-taught, mid you, but even so, I must have got the idea of mysteries from a pamphlet at the back of my High Anglican church. So I don’t know that it is true to say that an Anglican rosary doesn’t involve mysteries (but it probably depends on which Anglican you ask).

This describes the Anglican Rosary Its basically the same idea of praying set prayers repeatedly using beads to keep track, but without the Marian focus, and uses for instance the Our Father, the Glory Be, the Kryie, the Agnus Dei and some verses of the Psalms. As with everything in the Anglican tradition, there are different options to pick from all of which are okay. As for why no mysteries, so can add them if you want.

OK makes sense thank you

The Chotki is a different form of prayer entirely, it just uses beads/knots when used as a devotional. It is more or less meant to help you in developing the ability to “pray without ceasing” (i’m simplifying), and not to meditate on any one specific thing or mystery. To effectively pray the Rosary, we generally do it on it’s own time where most of our attention is focused on Rosary and the mysteries. The Chotki is meant be a prayer ongoing in the background of our daily life, reverberating in our heart, while going about our daily business, working, and focusing the rest of our attention on other tasks…again, so that we are praying “without ceasing”, as St. Paul tells us to do.

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