How come we don't adore the Blood?

In my city there is a small chapel outside of town where they celebrate the mass on occasions. During the week they have a monstrance set up with the Host for worship. It’s a very quiet and peaceful place to be with God. Why do places like that not have the Blood set out for adoration?

The body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ is fully present under both species of bread and wine. The priest genuflects after consecrating the chalice the same as he does after consecrating the host. And whether someone receives communion by consuming the host or drinking from the chalice, they receive the same fullness of the Real Presence.

The reason we don’t use the species of wine for purposes of adoration is practicality. Its not practical to bless anyone with a chalice, the sacred species might be spilled. Its also considered disrespectful to have the species of wine “swishing” around.

There’s also no practical way to store it. Just as the hosts for adoration must be constantly changed so they don’t go bad, there’s no practical way to keep the accidents of wine from going bad and there’s the constant risk of spillage or staining.

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