How common is the Solemn Mass?

How common is the Solemn Mass in the United States? I’m new to the Tridentine Mass, and I would love to experience the Solemn Mass.

Nearly every Sunday of the year at St. Francis de Sales parish in Mableton, GA, a parish of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, and under care of the FSSP.

Depends on the parish or chapel.

Usually, a Missa Solemnis is reserved for Solemn Feasts, while Missa Cantata is used for Sundays and other Feasts, and Missa Privata (Low Mass) is said daily.

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Just an FYI, what most people have come to call “High Mass,” the Mass where the choir sings is really called a Missa Cantata, “Sung Mass.” It really is a Low Mass that is sung and has some elements from the Solemn High Mass, such as incense, the asperges prior to Mass, etc. Solemn High Mass is where the altar boys are replaced by the Deacon and Subdeacon, there are other differences as well, but this is the most noticable. Then there is what is known as a Pontifical High Mass, this is a Solemn High Mass where a Bishop is the celebrant.

High Mass, meaning a Missa Cantata, was a compromise for parishes which had only Priests in residence.


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How did what come about? The common use of a Missa Solemnis?

haha. The gift of knowledge rather.

At the FSSP community where I frequently go for Sunday Mass the priest would do a Missa Solemnis every Sunday if he had the ministers for it (a deacon and another seminarian), which he doesn’t. I don’t think there is any reason – aside from practicality – there cannot be a solemn high Mass every day (other than the Triduum, of course) if there are the ministers available and the desire to have the solemn ceremonies.

I also forgot that there is another adapatation of the Low Mass, it is called an Organ Mass. It is simply organ voluntaries played during certain parts of the Low Mass, such as the penitential rites and Agnus Dei. Although not too common in the modern era, Organ Masses were very popular during the Barouqe period, concidently the majority of Organ Masses were written during this time.

There is sometimes a Low Mass with organ at the ICRSS Oratory here In KC

One kind of mass I have not seen alot of here in the area is a Dialogue Mass, The daily masses are almost always the Missa Privita

A Dialogue Mass (Missa Recitata) is a type of Low Mass (Missa Privata). I suppose it depends on the priest or congregation. The TLM I attend is a Dialogue Mass when it is Low Mass (sometimes even at Sung Masses the congregation will say some of the responses).

French Organ Masses are quite beautiful in my opinion.

The mass I went to had four altar servers and a priest. There was no music. What kind of mass was this?

A Low Mass.

Although there shouldn’t be more than 2 servers… The other 2 must have been sitting doing nothing.

Unless it was a Pontifical Low Mass.

Someone could correct me if I’m wrong.

All 4 were participating. They would always genuflect, walk closer and genuflect again, or something like that. It did seem that one of the servers had a bigger role, though.

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