How could anybody believe this?


Quoted from another thread:

I used to listen John Hagee on TV on Sunday mornings because I liked the way he didn’t sugar coat anything! But then, he began comparing the Catholic Church to paganism and to listen to him talk about the Old Testament theology like it came from the protestants - well it upset me. He would talk around the fact that the Church existed at that time - like we went straight from the Jews to Protesantism with no credit to the Catholic Church for any of the theology that he was now able to spew! I finally just tuned him out! He just totally missed the point!

Several times I have heard some Protestant denominations claim that there have been Protestants around since the time of the Apostles. Well, I have heard Catholics claim that some Protestants claim this, so I am assuming that it is true (feel free to rebut). Now when I was reading the above post, the hypocrisy of the entire situation suddenly hit me. How could any truth-seeking Protestant possibly believe that? First of all, it seems to violate sola scriptura in that (I am guessing) there is some kind of Tradition that I assume these Protestants are passing down. And secondly there just doesn’t seem to be any evidence of it (at least, not that I’m aware of). The former point is the one I would like to address in this thread, how is it not hypocritical for Protestants (not all of them, just the ones who fit the above criteria) to reject Catholicism because they don’t believe in Tradition, and then go and claim that their denomination has been around since the Apostles?

I hope this makes sense, it’s late and I’m sleepy and I’m not sure I understand the situation entirely, especially as I have only really heard it second hand.


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