How could I have asked him to leave?

I have worked for my nephew for 14 years. His wife told me yesterday I was incompetent and threw me out of the place. My nephew came to my home no doubt to make things right. When
he started to make me feel devalued by some of the same things that were passed and I thought were not going to be brought up again, I told him to get out. I said your wife just put me
out now I’m putting you out. I know I was doing a good job-customers said so. Now I know that this was not the Christian way to handle this. I should have just said that I needed appreciation for the work that has been done for the love of him, to help keep his business going. Now I don’t think we will ever be on good terms again and he has no family but me and my 2 sisters. I know his heart is broken. My actions cannot be taken back. I emailed an apology. Please pray that this will heal. Thank you.

Father, heal the rift in this family where angry words were spoken in haste. Turn the light of love on for them and draw them to Yourself, Creator and Lover of us all!

I’m saying prayers right now.

Just call him up and tell him you were upset and your feelings were hurt and so you lashed out in anger. I am sure this is not beyond mending. I mean, you worked for him for 14 years. Perhaps the two of you could meet for lunch to talk out the problem, without his wife.

I agree with 1ke. Also, sometimes it is best not to work with family if we can help it. God bless you and good luck.

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