How could some angels rebel against God?


Because there are different senses of the word perfect there can be confusion on a statement using it.

The Catechism uses the phrase: “in a state of journeying” towards its ultimate perfection. This shows that complete excellence or flawless is not the initial state. For that reason mankind needed supernatural sanctifying grace and the preternatural gifts, for original justice (of Adam and Eve) yet even then not stable in the will to charity.

Perfect (Collins Dictionary) adj.
1. complete in all respects; without defect or omission; sound; flawless
2. in a condition of complete excellence, as in skill or quantity; faultless; most excellent; sometimes used comparatively – “to create a more perfect union”
3.completely correct or accurate; exact; precise – a perfect copy
4. without reserve or qualification; pure; utter; sheer; absolute – a perfect fool, perfect stranger


So according to this view, Satan is not really evil, he is simply playing a role that he cannot possibly deviate from.


That is correct. He certainly appears evil, however, as well as in constant battle with Gd and almost His match. The fact is his role is to do the dirty work of tempting humanity for the purpose of testing its faith and ensuring that faith is based on free will. He also makes a record of humanity’s shortcomings and plays the role of prosecutor in the heavenly tribunal so that humanity can be reminded of its earthly sins and defend itself before Gd. In this way, we judge ourselves although the final verdict is administered by Gd. If that verdict is guilty, however, it is HaSatan that carries out the sentence as the angel of (spiritual) death, for it is too painful to Gd to punish us by denying us heaven.


Ty for the answers, everyone.


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