How could the Egyptian magicians do what God did through Moses?


"So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did just as the LORD commanded. Aaron threw his staff down in front of Pharaoh and his officials, and it became a snake. Pharaoh then summoned wise men and sorcerers, and the Egyptian magicians also did the same things by their secret arts. (Exodus 7:8-11)

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…like it says, through their secret arts. Works for me.


I don’t see how their “secret arts” can give them the power to do what God just did. Satan can’t work miracles.


Not good ones, but the Devil can do marvelous things that leave us in awe.

Why do you think God warned the Israelites about false prophet
who do wondrous things and make accurate predictions and call
them to to worship other gods.

Magic and Dark Arts are real, ANYBODY can do it, just have to do it right (which is wrong, fyi).


A miracle is something that requires infinite power, because it brings something living from something that was inanimate. So I don’t see how those who perform dark magic such as the Pharaoh’s magicians can imitate God’s infinite power. Unless of course if they didn’t perform miracles, and it was sleight of hand or a trick.


most likely more of this “and it was sleight of hand or a trick” than anything else.


MAYBE it was just a parlor trick, but it isn’t impossible for demons to imitate God.
Can anyone correct me on that?


There are two possible answers:

One, the Egyptian magicians simply used tricks to accomplish the “miracles” that were spoken of. Some people believe this is the only possible answer, but the truth is that preternatural powers are VERY real.

The other possibility is that the magicians indeed did accomplish these “marvels” through the power of demons (black magic), and this was allowed by God for the purpose of hardening Pharaoh’s heart. This is very possible, and not be excluded from consideration.

However, we don’t actually know what they used, as the Bible does not clarify that point, so we are bound to speculation.


It appears that demons can transform one living thing into the shape of another. Perhaps they can even change a staff into a living serpent, though it is a little disturbing to think of demons giving life to something lifeless. Perhaps the staffs only had the appearance of serpents but were not really alive. Alternatively perhaps it was a slight of hand trick, though that is certainly not the impression the text gives us.


The devil always tries to conterfeit what God does. Jesus warned that at the end of time the antichrist would perform signs and wonders so great that even the very elect might be fooled. So I don’t think that there is much question that these magicians were using the powers of darkness to do what they did. They important thing to remember is that Moses’ staff devoured their snakes, showing the power of God over the powers of darkness.


This portion of the Old Testament is read during the Jewish Passover every year, I will ask my nephew who is a Rabbi his thoughts on the matter, but I was always was brought up that it was the devil who did the bidding of Pharaoh’s magicians by dark deeds.


Scripture is clear. (And I assume most folk here accept that the story isn’t a fabrication)

This was not fake magic or something which James Randi could expose as sleight of hand.

Sorcery and the occult aren’t condemned because they lack potency. They are condemned because such use of supernatural power is in rebellious defiance of God’s authority. (I don’t need God, I have seances and tarot cards, and wicca, and necromancy…)

The take-home message of this power contest in Egypt between the wannabe god and the One True God is that if you fight God, you will lose.


Satan can do things to deceive. That is not the same as miracles.


Demonic “miracles” really parallel angelic powers, not Divine miracles – no matter how much demons may try to parallel what is divine. Just as good angels are true messengers that reveal what is good, demons attempt to conceal and confuse us. Just as good angels try to heal and defend us, demons try to destroy and hurt us. Even as they try their best to defy God, demons can’t really get away from their original God-given angelic natures. They can’t create, and they can’t recreate themselves.


Demons don’t, however, need infinite power to give us the “appearance” of miracles. It is well within their power, as fallen angels, to give us the appearance of certain things. For instance, the angel Raphael appeared to Tobit as though he was actually eating food.

“All these days I merely appeared to you and did not eat or drink, but you were seeing a vision.” (Tobit 12:19)


REAL magic does exist, back in those days, they had the knowledge about how to use it. In our modern times, the exact same could be done, but mankind has forgotten how to access this ability for the most part, although I do believe there are probably people out there that can do things like this, but they dont go around advertising it or posting videos of it.

I dont think theres anything evil about it, I think its just an ability to manipulate nature or what is perceived. Look at the monks in China, going back many centuries, they have the ability to literally levitate their bodies above the ground! Nature can be manipulated, but I have a feeling it requires knowledge and discipline that most people today are not geared for.


Sure they can. :rolleyes:


You take a snake, dislocate it’s head, and tetany is induced. You throw your snake down with a flick of the wrist that relocates the snake’s head and it is seemingly reanimated. I don’t know if Moses’ staff was one such snake. He was kicking around the outback for quite a while, and may have learned the trick, like swamp folk learn to hypnotize alligators by flipping them on their back and stroking their stomachs; or farm folk learn to hypnotize chickens by putting something beak-close.

And Moses was educated as a prince of Egypt and knew where all the bodies were buried. I would hypothetically guess that others who would have tried to control or impress Pharaoh would have, previous to Moses, been dismissed by the snake trick; and I think Moses may indeed have had a mega-snake staff at the ready. Or God miraculously changed Moses’ staff into a snake-eating mega-snake.

The upcoming prophesied miracle will be all nations going up to Jerusalem to celebrate Sukkoth, the Feast of Tabernacles re-enacting camping out after leaving Egyptian slavery, honoring the heritage of FREEEEEEEEEEDOM!


“You take a snake, dislocate it’s head, and tetany is induced. You throw your snake down with a flick of the wrist that relocates the snake’s head and it is seemingly reanimated.”

Got a YouTube link?


…Aaron threw his staff down in front of Pharaoh and his officials, and it became a snake

Staff - Snake - before peoples’ eyes.

NOT - stiff snake turning into a moving snake.

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