How culpable am I for past sins?


There was a time in my life where I knew God existed and knew there were 10 Commandments, but nothing else(not even Catholicism). During this time, I was on a internet forum, and got other people’s accounts by asking them for their passwords. I masqueraded as them for fun until I realized I could hurt reputations, so I stopped. Would this be considered mortal sin, as I didn’t even know what it (or Catholicism) was? How culpable would I be for sins when I didn’t know anything about the Church?


If you have become Catholic, have you not confessed these? And received a priest’s input?


I confess the things that I can remember. I just remembered this a little bit ago, after I went to Mass. Certain things I did before that keep popping up in my mind, like the example above.


That is basically ignorance if you couldn’t remember. You are okay

  1. you did commit the sins with ignorance
  2. You are going to confession as you remember them.

You are doing good, do not over fret.


Let me respond to your list with my own.

  1. Is this something I would need to confess? Or could I just ask God’s forgiveness and let it go?

  2. If #1 is yes, would I need to confess ASAP, or just the next time I need to go to Confession?

  1. If you are unsure, just confess

  2. If you have something to confess then that is “the next time I need to go to Confession?” However “ASAP” Doesn’t mean breaking down the priest’s home door at midight, if you go on the next normal reconciliation time you are fine.

Since becoming Catholic you were given sort of a quasi general absolution. So the fact that you didn’t know what you did in every instance for decades isn’t sending you to hell… So when it comes up, yeah confess it, but don’t stress it lol.


If you are unsure, you should bring it up in your next confession; the priest will advise you.

  1. If you remember pass sins you should confess them; its good that you’re reflecting on your past life and that you want to ask God for forgiveness. God doesn’t require us to remember every single sin, and every single detail of our sin. That’s why at the end of confession, one usually says this after confessing their sins: “I am sorry for these and all the sins of my past life.” If you feel the urge to seek forgiveness, then maybe in your evening prayers, ask God to forgive you. You can come up with your own prayer or say the Act of Contrition.

  2. No there’s no reason to rush. You can go the next time Confession is available at your parish and when you have time to go, such as during the weekend.
    Rest assured, if you are truly sorry for your sins, and seek forgiveness, and go to Confession, you will be forgiven.


I appreciate the answers given, even though they say what I didn’t want to hear. I wish I could stop myself, but I just wished that the answers would be “No, you’re fine”, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Even though this is technically forgiven(if I were to die, this wouldn’t hold against me), the thought of having to wait until the weekend makes me feel anxious and worried. I want to fix the problem to get it out of my mind, but I can’t Confess myself. I can’t go to Confession at any other time, in response to those who say to make an early Confession with your priest.


Given what you have said: no, you are fine.

If you go to Confession sincerely, then all your sins are forgiven, even those you forgot about and so did not mention.

The problem comes about when people *deliberately *leave out a sin, perhaps out of embarrassment. That invalidates that confession and all future confessions and the person has to confess the sin, re-state all the other sins, and confess all sacrilegious receptions of sacraments.


You are fine, but mention it next time you go to confession, which is for your benefit. Say an act of contrition now, and remember that if you forget to mention it, it’s ok.

Why are you anxious and worried? God has given us the sacraments for the purpose of reducing our worry and anxiety, not increasing it.


Any sins committed before baptism are forgiven in baptism.

If this was a post baptism sin, then confess it. What harm could come?

My philosophy is "if I have to ask myself ‘should I confess this’, then that means I should. Mortal, venial, not a sin…doesn’t matter. It’s weighing on me and I offer it in confession.

Confession will help. It’s a wonderful sacrament.


Here is an answer from Fr. Vincent Serpa regarding a similar question.


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