How’d you guys deal with this?


I’m done. I’m spent, I really am. What in God’s name is this? What I’m talking about is the massive slurry of extremely outlandish beliefs out there. Here’s the thing: I’m a Maronite who has never met a Protestant before in his life. There are literally only about five Evangelical churches where I come from. The closest non Catholic Christian Church I interact with on a daily basis are the Orthodox, so I guess the fault’s on me for having small horizons. And I realized that. Thats why I turned to the Internet and on a smaller scale to the Forums, to learn more about other Christians; Latins and Russians and Protestants. But nothing prepared me for this. It exceeded my wildest expectations. Growing up, all we were told about Protestants was that they had no Eucharist. But the utter hatred I encountered for the Holy Body of Our Lord was more than I could stomach. I felt sick just reading the piles of insults heaped against the Precious Body and Blood. And it doesn’t stop there. Some of these “Christians” do not believe Mary was a virgin, others think baptism is optional, and someone accused me of worshiping the saints. And there was some sort of demented Baptist who believed that the Vatican is the source of all evil. All discussion with these people did was give me a nice headache. They do not, and I emphasize, know basic church history. I am not a man who loses his composure easily, and neither am I intolerant of non Catholic religions. But all this has really gotten to me. That there are some people who wish with all their hearts to see me burn for being a member of Christ’s Church… how’d you guys deal with this? I am seriously considering abandoning my attempts to understand Protestant Christianity.
Pax Christi.
I apologize for the rant, but you guys are the only people who have probably gone through this and can help.


If this all happened online, then stop frequenting those websites. It is as easy as that.


You’re right. I have stopped frequenting these websites, but I’m just shocked. I’ve never experienced such hatred before, its rather alarming. Ugh, this whole thread is pointless. Can someone tell me how I can delete a thread? I can’t seem to find an option for that.


Why do you let it bother you so much? We aren’t all the same. Others may be as upset about your beliefs as you are about theirs.

My advice is live and let live. If it upsets you too much, keep yourself secluded. It seems a shame to go through life like that, but if it is only way you can keep from being so disturbed then you have to consider it.

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Horrible, isn’t it? These ignorant people make me so mad I just have to back off the internet and go do something else. :angry: However, I think it’s important to realize that these internet jerks are only a few out of many protestants. It’s always the jerks and morons that get all the attention.

Meanwhile, the average protestant is going quietly about their day thinking nothing ill of Catholics at all. They don’t have inflammatory websites or ridiculously ignorant vitriolic videos. Think about them instead, not about the jerks that have an ax to grind.

By the same token, protestants viewing the posts here on CAF would come to the conclusion that all Catholics are neurotically scrupulous and obsessed with masturbation, which we know is not true. Right? :grin:

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