How deep can I offer self to God?

I believe this.
1: To offer self until the love God gives starts to make you cry just at the thought of Jesus name in your mind, heart, but you know that this is not the end but the beginning. This starts a person wishing to desire to give self to God unto folly.
The ancient people Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Greek, Cretans, Babylonians, Aztecs, and Romans in their greatness rose to great power but once they internalized taking the children as offerings to their God’s they each died.

This is not God’s way however, for one to offer themselves to God unto folly so complete that they wish to be transparent for the Holy Spirit to enter and leave at will regardless of their humanness, must cause great joy for our God who offered His son to us for our ransom as a remission of sin.

2: To become so little that you become transparent to the point of the Holy Spirit entering and leaving at will, such as Mary was transformed, must give much glory to God. Mary reached this point when she accepted the will of God “Let it be done unto Your will” At that point Mary reached the point where there was no turning back.

It was at that point that the Holy Spirit saw this empty vestal (Ezekiel, unless you become as an empty vestal you are nothing but the dung of a beast.). God wishes His children to be so little that they, although human are susceptible to the Holy Spirit entering and leaving at will, so that the will of God is done governed by God’s will, I believe.

3:God wishes His children to be the cherubim that God lives in. Ezekiel 10:10. The cherubim has wheels that turn in every direction it wishes, it has wings that fly to the place it wishes. When we are the cherubim that God lives in then the Holy spirit will enter and leave as the Spirit wishes.( The Spirit goes where ever it wishes touching whom ever It wishes) Acts of the Apostles. We will have given our whole being over to God so that His will be done no matter what. (“I will give myself unto folly”, St Therese the little flower) also, Gospels, John the Baptist “I must become nothing so that He can become all”, Paul Acts “I count all as nothing so that I can have Jesus Christ”.

Can a person attain this way of living I believe so and wish that to be. Is it possible for mere humans?

I guess I have to ask firstly is this real, that ther is a way of offering yourself to God in this way ? I heard that God asked two perple to ask a favour of Him and the first person asked for some person to be healed of a neurological deficience. The other person there was asked to ask a favour of God also. They asked that God bestow on them the graces that no oother person asks for rather than for healing or any other favour.
So I just wonder if it is right to keep on offering self to God and asking for different gifts rather than anything for self?
Enlighten me please.

An offering of yourself is dying so that CHRIST may live.
It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me said St. Paul.
It hit me hard when I heard a priest preach about that.
I realized, wow… It really is JESUS who lives. I die, so that He may live.
It’s the mystical union that St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila talked about.
If you love, Jesus lives.
If you do not love, Jesus does not live.
If you love someone, you love Jesus (in that particular person)
If you do not love someone, you do not love Jesus (in that particular person)

We have so that we might give.
And Jesus is a known multiplier :wink:

God BLESS, and Mary Keep,

P.S. Offer all through the Blessed Mother, she purifies all, even our intentions. Her Heart BURNS with love hotter than the Seraphim. Enter in. She only brings you to Jesus. It is Her nature. Just as it is the nature of a cat to sleep, it is the nature of Mary to bring you to Jesus :slight_smile:
(no i mean no disrespect to Our Blessed Mother, just lookin for an analogy :wink: )

And yet it was so hard to die to self but I knew I had to let go of a situation I spoke to a person about that they turned upon me and turned against me.
I noticed a situation three times today that I decided to relate to my wife, I wondered if she might be being tempted in some way because I saw the same reaction three times to day. She would not relate but reacted, thinking that this might get rough I decided to do the cooking myself just asking her if the way I was doing it was correct.
There was not supposed to be an argument and I knew that it was not a me or her situation but was the glory going to go to Jesus. I knew it wouldn’t if I didn’t keep my cool.
I thought of St Therese when the nuns acted negligibly causing much noise, causing the nuns to splash the larder all over Therese. She responded by keeping cool not saying a word. I thought if I speak slowly be patient, respond if need, not having to have something to say then maybe I can attain that level of self discipline that comes through Jesus being glorified through my being calm not wanting to be right.

I look at your words below, If I am calm, am quiet , do not want to be right but want what is right which is to let go of the situation to the feet of Jesus to be nailed to the Cross.
Then maybe I can get what I desire so badly. I only know I don’t have to fight for it Jesus fought for it for me. If you love someone, you love Jesus (in that particular person)
I will not look at what is right or wrong Jesus is right nothing else matters.
If you love, Jesus lives.
If you do not love, Jesus does not live.
If you do not love someone, you do not love Jesus (in that particular person) carrying that cross if it takes me where Jesus wants me to be. The cross can be my humanness that I see fighting against the spirit of God in me. This means letting go and letting God I believe.

Happy God bless your New Year.

Littleone, your beautiful desire is enough. Jesus provides the grace and you embrace it. There is always a small still voice within us that is very hard to hear and in the midst of all situations He speaks wisely and with great prudence to our hearts. We need only slow down and tune the ears of our hearts to His voice and obey it and all situations are then in His hands, because the Holy Spirit will guide you in the Way of Jesus that is intricately designed specifically for you at every step and moment of your life.

You have no need to be hurried nor frantic to achieve anything spiritual, this is a path that may lead into spiritual pride. Rather trust Jesus, pray, relax and slow down.

Spend time in prayer listening for the beautiful still small voice of the Holy Spirit and it will come much easier to hear Him even in the most noisiest and turbulent moments of your life.

I am sure Jesus loves your heart greatly and all things will be given to you because you embrace the grace to desire what God desires for you.

You continue to offer yourself and all things in your life to Jesus united to His Cross just as you are and this is a most beautiful and pleasing prayer which God can change the world with and build the Kindom of Heaven on Earth.

In my prayers

I can accept that, and am trying not to be fearful of falling or turning away from God, but maybe it is fear of the Lord that tells me that I can understand how God’s words make me know that “to he who much is given much is expected”.
Thank you for the guidance I will treasure them for this time until other words may lead me to another part of the path which my heart desires.
God bless
MayGod bless your new year

In writing into this thread I have looked at myself and through what some of you have stated and I thank God I wrote it. I found that some pride was creaping in and also yesterday Ihad a very un nerving situation happen where my wife and I wer at dissagreement with each other. We didn’t communicate since I have been working 14days straight and at night.

Last night I seeked help from Our Lord by asking Him to help me telling Him that the situation was far too heavy for me. I empored Our Lordshelp and within an hour two answers came to me, and I told my wife and diologue started again.

Before I left for work last night I had to diologue and I left with My wifes arms around me.
So I am thankful for those of you who have writen in. Good work has happened.
God bless

Don’t worry about anything.

You pray don’t you and you give your life and those you love to Jesus so you have no need to worry about anything.

Whatever measure God has given to you He will also provide equal measure of grace, so no need to worry. God doesn’t give a gift without grace to uphold the gift.

Persevere and be very happy because you are one of God’s children. Anxiety comes when we try to shoulder our lives and the world on our own shoulders, when no man can do this and no person can carry the weight of their own lives and the lives of others, we are not meant to carry that weight, we are meant to trust in God in all things as it is He who carries us.

We Christians are Joyful Easter people and we do not need to be anxious because we are in God’s Hands; enjoy your life, enjoy your life with your wife and love each other very much. It is when we love those closest to us (even if they do not love us) that we love and please Jesus. The prayer of your life of love and understanding with your wife is more precious to Jesus than a million Our Father’s and Hail Mary’s.

I wish you every blessing and joy
In my prayers

Maybe you can help me, I know I love God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, Mary my mother, The Angels and Saints and yet. i don’t understand it all i know Jesus loves me and florishes me with gifts to the max, He has dso much mercy on me and one day whils I was singing “I need You Lord” he answered me back even thoughI wasn’t thinking about that and He said" and I need you to". I was shocked I wasn’t expecting it.
Yet I don’t understand myself or any thing that is going on. I can’t spell for nuts, find it hard to mix am left out more times than In. I just don’t understand???

frames of reference, regarding uniting my daily efforts with the work of God. I view myself as a Christian warrior, fighting to realize Catholic social teachings in my immediate surroundings. :thumbsup:

I don’t understand it all either. I don’t think anyone does.

From my own experience as soon as I was drawn to want to be closer to God things became very difficult for me. Problems sprang up before me in all directions and trouble came even though I didn’t go looking for it. People who I dearly love were awful to me about my faith, I felt misunderstood at every turn, in short I felt out of my depth, I felt like I was sinking into a deep ocean and no-one was going to save me. The more I tried to live my Catholic faith in my everyday life and be a living prayer, the more and more I felt alone.

I tried to seek the good counsel of different Priests, but this wasn’t a great deal of help and the only Priest who ever made the muddy waters seem clear is no longer around for me to see, sometimes I telephone him, but I don’t like to bother him. I don’t think the Priests have all the answers either. Some things just happen and sometimes it isn’t necessary to know all about it, but just to trust in God.

Sometimes I would just sit and cry. I love God and I wanted to try and do everything He asks of us, but it is like swimming against the tide, this world doesn’t want people to do what God wants them to do. People are so hurtful to each other and anything goes these days and my heart is just too sensitive to take it.

Last night I was so tired and weary, I said ‘God take me off this lonely planet, I’m tired, there is nothing here on this earth that I want, let me die and come to You.’ I decided to read sacred Scripture and I said ‘Speak to my heart Lord in your Word in this book and help me because I know nothing and can do nothing and am nothing and my heart and soul is dying though my body lives’. I opened Sacred Scripture and I read this:

‘O Lord how long shall I cry for help, and thou wilt not hear? or cry to thee violence and thou will not save. Why dost thou make me see wrongs and look upon trouble? Destruction and violence are before me; strife and contention arise. So the law is slacked and justice never goes forth’ This is from the Book Habakkuk. I stayed awake and read to the end of Zephaniah ’ Behold at the time I will deal with your oppressors. And I will save the lame and gather the outcast, and I will change their shame into praise and renown in all the earth. At that time I will bring you home, at the time when I gather you together; yea, I will make you renowned and praised among all the peoples of the earth, when I restore your fortunes before your eyes, says the Lord’

Happily I went to sleep and of course I did not die :slight_smile: My heart consoled by those words and thank God for that kindness.

Today I asked to see a Priest about a project after Mass, the sacristan ushered me outside to wait for him, when he came back she opened the door and as I was about to step in, she shut the door in my face. I have no idea why; she is usually always so kind to me and a good friend. I stood there looking at the door closed in my face and smiled. This tiny cross is good, I thought, a cross from God Himself because it is only by the cross that anything will be restored to me by God united to His own Cross. I don’t mind she shut the door in my face. So I thank Him for everything and don’t worry about anything.

Don’t worry about knowing, just thank Him for everything mostly for the crosses you carry and trust Him because He loves you and offer your whole life and those you love to Him because in the fullness of God’s time everything will be crystal clear.


In my prayers.

I don’t know, but these thoughts might help, it is something I just think.

It is a hard thing to watch the ‘self’ die.

The self will struggle to live and attempt to shun out Christ, but the self must die and Christ must live. The self begins to become alien to us, we don’t understand it, nor even like it, we feel uncomfortable in our own ‘self’, this is a terrible struggle.

We feel we do not belong and this is the beginning of recognising that we are not at home here on earth, but our home is with Jesus united to Him. The world begins to feel alien to us, the world is founded on the self and operates to the self of the people of the world and everywhere we look we see this manifestation of self and we begin to turn away from that too. This is a very lonely experience.

The death of the self begins at Baptism and is consummated in dying when God willing, we are united fully to Jesus. This death of the self is as arduous as Calvary and ends with our final cross at death.

Don’t worry or be afraid. I think you are on the right path and it is a narrow path and very hard, but it is the path that leads to Eternal Life.

I am pleased to know you.

In my prayers.

“You have no need to be hurried nor frantic to achieve anything spiritual, this is a path that may lead into spiritual pride. Rather trust Jesus, pray, relax and slow down”.
I know that many have told me that at times it seems that I have pride. Jesus own words are that if we are to have pride in any thing then let it be in that our names are writedn in the book of life.
I don’t believe that there is a place for pride when we relate in that way!

There is No pride but only the wish to serve and for me if I have been taught anything about God’s love then it is not for only me but to share with others especially those brothers and sisters in my own fellowship (the catholic church).
If I love Jesus in any way I will not be quiet abnout it but will share this love with the world, not only in words but in different ways of actions.

God bless


What a pleasure to meet such a kind soul in search of his Beloved.

St. Therese’s little way was to love in all the sacrifices she made. At first she gave it away by her expression of dislike but then after practice she would be able to smile as she sacrificed. Her little way was to love in those sacrifices.

You too can make your “little way” to Jesus. Each time you give up an earthly attachment. You must empty yourself of all so that you may be filled. You alluded to it in the beginning. Sure you will not be able to hide your struggle at first but with each sacrifice of self you will get stronger.

As you get stronger, you will grow in peace. Things that were big will be small.

It is true that we cannot trust ourselves. What do we know? It Jesus who knows what is best for us. It is the Trinity that guides us. We must trust in the Lord always.

Pray, pray and pray some more. Love, love and love some more. One trial and one struggle at a time.

Walk the little way of self denial through love and you will walk your way into Jesus’ arms.

therese has shown me much and thisis the only way for me. Under much strain even at birth Jesus had His way in that with offers of names for me mum refused and said we will call him Wayne Irish for “little one” Even then Jesus had His plan. I work alone on permanent night shift alone in this world but NEVER alone, no never alone.

Yes the only way Pray, pray and pray some more. Love, love and love some more. One trial and one struggle at a time.Walk the little way of self denial through love and you will walk your way into Jesus’ arms.

We all have our crosses to share; at times it is better to leave them hidden from all but our gracious Lord who sees all not of the eye but also of the Heart of our intentions and that is where the true joy and jewels lie. At times it is so very hard to take these very precious jewels for they rub so deeply as No 8 grit sandpaper against our humanness, our thoughts of “I” and why me why not me, how did I miss out, others telling us that we should have been given that position but we know that it was Our Precious Lord who is asking us to take that cross so that He can do the works we are unable to do.

These hidden ad gender of Jesus are the very tools of love that this world can not ever see, and we who are in this world but not of the world are at times not able to see how Jesus is developing His works that will give the mightiest glory to Our Father in Heaven, and all through the wish the desire of the chosen one to become little to being nothing. So that Jesus will become all.
Each day I must find out how for that day Jesus wishes me to become little and at times this crushes me I feel my rib cage crushing in but that is His wish, one could never say take me then hold back. No it is to give all knowing that nothing is as Jesus ever gave for me even before time was invented.

God bless

God bless ou my friend peace to you and your family

Littleone you know the way, you do know and your writings show you know. I suppose every now and then we need reassurance, to know that we are not alone and others travel the same path as we do.

It was you who asked the question Little one, but it was you who answered your own question and it is you who have taught others.

You know and you know because you listen to the Holy Spirit.

In my prayers

I write because that is all I can do, I am too little to do mighty deeds as some find the ability to do. What I write I pray that others will find the faith , the strength, the ability, to give whole heartedly, without rserve, to our Loving Savior Jesus.
Yes I in myself am only very sure of one thing and that is that Jesus loves me without reserve and that it was His chosing that I am able to tend any sheep who may follow His will.

That is why I write.But I also look at these writings and wonder I ponder on them and know it is not me but some other who writes so simple verses. I am not able in my very human self. I learn from this as any other would if they do. All for Jesus All for Jesus, that is all that counts. And in His time I will rest of this world. But then the real work begins until time has no need.

To love, to love, to give until I have nothing more to give then I will ask for more to give then Jeuse will give to me and then I can give again of a love so divine that was rendered worthless on the cross but caused the whole world to ba able to enter into heaven, were the spirit can have true rest.
God bless

It is you who writes, but it is the Holy Spirit that teaches your heart even to understand yourself because every man is a mystery even to himself.

Maybe you could keep a spiritual diary, just to jot down your reflections and to keep looking over and meditating upon them.

Perhaps you would consider pondering about the material world in which you live and the Kingdom of Heaven being integral with that. It is a grave mistake to attempt to be spirit alone whilst living in the material (physical) world. The spiritual journey is not some far off thing, it is intimately close to you, it is an internal journey. Anyway give that some serious thought.

Anyway the main thing is that the tone of your thread has changed, you have turned that corner from where you were at at the beginning of your thread and you are living the prayer of your life.

All the best to you

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