How devout?


I was wondering about your opinions.

How devout must a Catholic Godparent be?

Both for your children and in general.


We had this dilemma when we had our first DS baptized about five months ago. My next sister in line (who would have been the first out of my siblings to be a godparent) is not practicing, so we were not sure what to do. So, we came up with requirements - basically going to Mass every Sunday and leading a moral life. We also made sure that one of the godparents was very devout.

Still, there are no guarantees. My godparents were both practicing Catholics and now they’re divorced and no longer practicing. However, my parents are very devout Catholics, so my upbringing was strong in the faith. THAT is the most important. :slight_smile:


I think that it is more important that the godparents know of your faith and desire for your children to be raised in the catholic faith and agree to support you in that. I would pick someone who would never speak poorly of the church but be truthful about their faith I think its okay for kids (older children especial) to see that sometimes people have questions about their faith and that sometimes even strong Catholics struggle.


This has been an issue for us with almost every one of our children. My side of the family is all evangelical Christians – very devout and close to the Lord, but not Catholic. My husband’s side is Catholic, but not practicing or devout. We also have close, close friends who are not that devout, although they are practicing. Our former pastor said, “Sometimes, blood runs thicker than holy water.” :slight_smile:

It’s not like the old days where godparents were expected to raise the children in case of parents’ death. We fully intend to raise our own children in their faith and not leave it to their different godparents. One of our daughters has a godmother that is extremely devout, and it is a definite benefit for her, but the gm’s husband (my daughter’s godfather) is having a crisis of faith right now, although he was devout at the time of her birth/baptism. You never really know. I say, “Do the best you can.”


We were not Catholic when our children were baptized. We still took the baptismal promises seriously and were a devout Christian couple ourselves. We picked family because we wanted it to be someone our chilkdren would always be in contact with. Now one couple is divorcing and the other has only a semi-serious connection to their own church. However, our children are finding new role models within the Catholic church. I do think godparents are important, but no one can see into the future. The most important thing is that you teach your own children how importanmt their faith is, so they will know to find their own role models if necessary. I do like the requirements that the godparents attend Sunday Mass (and Holy Day of obligation) and that they understand how important it is for your children to be raised in the Church.


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