How did animals in exodus die many times?


This may be an odd question, but I recently was reading the plagues against Egypt in Exodus and never noticed before that the plague of pestilence wiped out all the Egyptians animals, but then in subsequent plagues, more animals died. If all of the animals were killed in one plague, where did the other animals come from?? Seems contradictory to me. Were all killed or not?


i think you answered your own question. “wiped out all the Egyptians animals” Egypt wasn’t the world, i would think there would have been trade with other nations…


yes, I had exactly the same question when I was reading a Jewish commentary on Exodus from the Jewish Publication Society. There were a few other comments in that section on the plagues, but none addressed this killing of more cattle, more cattle, more cattle.

Having thought about this question for a couple years and now for five minutes more, I think the real issue is, the text emphasizes the destruction of this particular ‘god’ of the egyptians, because that is what bulls meant to them, as well as frogs, the river, etc. So, I think we have to look through the right end of the telescope on this question.

These plagues really presented the Egyptian religion with problems. So, killing the cattle a few at a time was making Pharoah really twist in the wind, so to speak.


This is interesting to me. I’ve never really considered the plagues in relation to Egypt’s religion… Especially in relation to the Nile, which was so central to their religious worship, that it become blood would almost be like it dying… I’m sure these aren’t new thoughts, but they’re new to me. thanks for the brain nugget ^^


Probably just one writer repeating another.

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