How did God call you to religious life?

I have met the priest and shared my experience to him, but the priest said vocation is not a physical voice, but about the mind of willingness. But God uses many different ways to call us.

I’m confused. I did heard a female voice, not sure if it’s Mary. (and as I know, a Sister also stated she heard Jesus’ voice asking her to follow Him).

For those who are discerning a religious life/ priesthood, how did God call you?

Could you please share? Thanks. :slight_smile:

I am a religious. I got the vocation from age 5. I saw a local movie in which the 5 year old boy’s dad rejected the Idea of priesthood but the boy stubbornly insisted and ran off to the seminary. later he became a good priest.

I liked his stubbornness. we were same age so I wanted to be like him (though he became a diocesan priest in the movie). but I grew to realize I’m more attracted to the priesthood as a religious. now I will be 24 by September. I joined the religious life at 16 and will be making my perpetual profession in August this year. I am also studying for the priesthood (have already graduated as a philosopher).


My discernment process was long, but intentional. I prayed and sought God’s guidance, along with being active in my parish and active with a spiritual director. It was not a “flash” of intuition, but instead a growing awareness and desire to serve Him with my whole being for the rest of my life.

That is a amazing. You found God already when you were 5. It’s rare to come across the similar movie in such little age, and with great understanding. Im sure it’s a blessing from god. :slight_smile:

similar to me… but mine is a sudden change…

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