How did Lucille fall?


Catholic doctrine states that Adam and Eve were tempted by Satan to eat the tree of knowledge of evil. My question is how did Satan fall? What caused him to know evil?


I think you mean Lucifer not Lucille !

Satan fell by pride and arrogance. He like Adam and Eve had free will to choose God or not God. He chose to not cooperate with God. His temptation was from within.


From my understanding, God always leaves a possiblity open for his creatures to not choose him. We human beings have our whole lifetime to choose for God, angelic order was probably put through some kind of trial, test, and a significant proportion decided against God. It is my understanding that they wanted to overthrow God. Self-love is very much at odds with the love and veneration due to God, Lucifer fell in love with himself, as it were. The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil may not have been a literal tree, the fruit, not a literal fruit, however God expressly and explicitly forbade Adam and Eve from doing something which they ended up doing at Satan’s suggestion.


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Seriously speaking, it was pride.

Exorcist Fr. Gary Thomas explains the fall here…


I read once and I can not remember the source, perhaps it was Father Fox, but seeing how we are all friends here, when the Father who was loved by Lutherfur informed all the Angels that the Second Person of the Trinity would take on human form thereby elevating the human species and also Our Lady “Queen of the Angels” was made known to them Lutherfur would not accept it, and so the story began. It explains his hatred for us and especially Our Lady.


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