How did Mohammed die?

How did Mohammed die? And was his death foretold? Where is his body today?

From I remember learning during my school years, Muslims believe Mohammed ascended into heaven at the Dome of the Rock.

He was [poisoned and died in the arms of his wife AYSHA.
He was buried in Medina Saudi Arabia.

He was poisoned.

Muhammed was poisoned by a Jewish woman which seems fulfilled her prophecy about him, per these hadiths:

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 71, Number 669:
“When Khaibar was conquered, Allah’s Apostle was presented with a poisoned (roasted) sheep. Allah’s Apostle said, “Collect for me all the Jews present in this area.” (When they were gathered) Allah’s Apostle said to them, “I am going to ask you about something; will you tell me the truth?” They replied, “Yes, O Abal-Qasim!” Allah’s Apostle said to them, “Who is your father?” They said, “Our father is so-and-so.” Allah’s Apostle said, “You have told a lie. for your father is so-and-so,” They said, “No doubt, you have said the truth and done the correct thing.” He again said to them, “If I ask you about something; will you tell me the truth?” They replied, “Yes, O Abal-Qasim! And if we should tell a lie you will know it as you have known it regarding our father,” Allah’s Apostle then asked, “Who are the people of the (Hell) Fire?” They replied, “We will remain in the (Hell) Fire for a while and then you (Muslims) will replace us in it” Allah’s Apostle said to them. ''You will abide in it with ignominy. By Allah, we shall never replace you in it at all.” Then he asked them again, “If I ask you something, will you tell me the truth?” They replied, “Yes.” He asked. “Have you put the poison in this roasted sheep?” They replied, “Yes,” He asked, “What made you do that?” They replied, "We intended to learn if you were a liar in which case we would be relieved from you, and if you were a prophet then it would not harm you."
[RIGHT]صحيح البخاري:
إن سألتكم عنه قالوا نعم فقال هل جعلتم في هذه الشاة سما فقالوا نعم فقال ما حملكم على ذلك فقالوا أردنا إن كنت كذابا نستريح منك وإن كنت نبيا لم يضرك ‏


**Sahih Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 59, Number 713: **
Narrated 'Aisha: The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, "O 'Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison.
[RIGHT]صحيح البخاري:
يا عائشة ما أزال أجد ألم الطعام الذي أكلت بخيبر ، فهذا أوان وجدت انقطاع أبهري من ذلك السم


He was poisoned by his wife Aisha by the order of her father and his so called best friend Abu Bakr who later went to become the first ruler.

Aisha later fabricated hadiths about how he was poisoned by a jewish woman. The reality is that the incident with the Jewish woman happened 3 years before his death. And we know that during those 3 years he enjoyed great health and vitality. Besides, I don’t know of any poison that lasts in the body for 3 years and then kills the host?

Christians using anti-islamic sources and misusing hadith, which they claim is not accurate, but in this case, present it as accurate. I have to say that I’m disappointed.

Anyway, from the sunni perspective, it was because of a fever. He was very weak before his death; he couldn’t walk on his own and ended up sitting down.

From the shia perspective, it was because Aisha [may Allah be pleased with her] had poisoned him [Na’audubillah]. The rafidi shias use this and a number of other fabricated incidents to try and justify their cursing of the sahaba and Aisha.

Thank you so much for answering! I was hoping for a Muslim answer. Your answer causes a new question for me: What caused the split between Sunni & Shia and what are the differences besides the understanding of how Mohammed died & liking/disliking Aisha?

Those are very good questions. The main beef that sunnis and shias have with each other is with who Muhammad’s rightful successor was. Sunnis believe that Abu Bakr as-Sideeq was the first caliph, then Umar, then Uthman, then Ali ibn Abu Talib [may Allah be pleased with them]. However, shias believe that the first caliph should have been Ali ibn Abu Talib and that those other three men conspired against Ali and unjustly stole his place as caliph (i.e. the leader of the muslim community).

There are a lot of shias who are involved in idolatry by calling on their imams, which are dead men who cannot hear them, in prayer. However, I’m not going to make the claim that all shias are kaffirs [or ‘disbelievers’] because I don’t know if this practice is a standard, orthodox shia practice. I believe that some shias can be saved if they’re not involved in that kind of idolatry and such, but, obviously, as a sunni, it’s my understanding that if a shia does get into Paradise, he/she will there in spite of Shiism-- not because of it.

Two more questions:

  1. Where is Mohammed’s body?

  2. Has there been a succession of a single caliph since Mohammed’s death until today? If so, who is he now? If not, why is there no longer a single caliph?

Most Sunnis are blinded by their irrational loyalty to Aisha and the other companions to even consider the overwhelming evidence which point to the fact that Aisha was the one who poisoned the Prophet and then tried to deflect suspicion away from herself. The reality is the effects of poison are always immediate and Aisha would have us believe he suddenly got ill and died from poison he allegedly ingested 3 years ago.

The other problem with this narrative is that Aisha is not trustworthy. We know from the incident of the honey that she lied to Muhammad’s § face. Therefore a woman who is not afraid to lie to the prophet will not hesitate to lie to ordinary folks. Not to mention the Quran accused Aisha of being a sinful wrongdoer and threatened her for her misbehavior towards Muhammad §.

Furthermore, Aisha contradicted herself about his death in another hadith where she claimed he died as a result of an internal tumor.

Sunnis would consider this blasphemy against the wife of the prophet but all we are doing is questioning the validity of Aisha testimony based on what we know from the Qur’an, hadiths, and history.

According to the Shia view we have a lot of hadiths that suggest Aisha was the one who poisoned the Prophet. Imam Ja’far al-sadiq § who is Muhammd’s § descendant is reported to have accused Aisha and Hafsa of this crime.

Imam al-Sadiq (Peace be upon him) was sitting with a group of his followers, and asked them: “Do you know whether the Prophet died a natural death or was murdered? Allah the Almighty says: “if then he died or is killed”. The truth is that the Prophet was poisoned in his last days before he died. Ayesha and Hafsa administered poison in his food. Upon hearing this, Imam Sadiq’s followers said that they (Aisha & Hafsa) and their fathers were among the worst villains ever created by Allah.” (Refer: Tafseer al-Ayashi, Vol I, Page 200; Bihar-ul-Anwar, by Allama Al-Majlisi, Vol XXII, Page 516)

The authentic sunni hadiths also support this Shia narrative. In a hadith in Bukhari Aisha confesses when the Prophet was asleep during his illness she put a strange substance into his mouth. She did it intentionally despite Prophet’s prohibition of not to give him anything. When he woke up and asked about who put the substance in his mouth Aisha at first tried to accuse his uncle Al-Abbas and when that didn’t work she tried to justify it by saying it was medicine.

The hadith can be found here: Volume 9, Book 83, Number 25

After Muhammad § died, a group of his so called followers decided to hold a secret meeting at a place called “Saqifa bani Sa’ida” it’s a roof top of a tribe called Bani Sa’ida. There they deliberated on who will succeed Muhammad §. During this time Ali ibn Abi Talib § was busy washing Muhammad’s § body and preparing it for burial and everyone who was present at that meeting agreed to elect Abu Bakr as the first Khaliph. When Ali § later found out about this meeting he refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of Abu Bakr. He continued this policy for 6 months after the death of Muhammad §. Those people who aligned themselves with Ali were later known as “Shiat Ali” or “Ali’s Partisans” i.e. those loyal to Ali. As time went on Ali’s name was dropped and they were simply known as Shia.

This was the first split between Shia and Sunnis (they were not called sunni until much later but we will just call them that for now)

The second split came during the first civil war in Islam between Aisha and Aila in what is now known as the battle of the Camel where Aisha led an army to Iraq to fight against the legitimate Khalif at the time, Ali. The muslim community was split into three primary groups. Those who aligned themselves with Ali (the shia), those who aligned themselves with Aisha and those who chose not to take any sides.

The third and final split happened during the battle of Karbala where the younger son of Ali § and the grandson of Muhammad § Hussein § was slaughtered by the army of Yazid. This was a big blow to the rest of Muhammad’s § descendants and therefore to the shia who are loyal to them. The shia identity really took shape more than before with the martydom of Hussein. Shias renamed their mosques to Husseiniyas in honour of Hussein and from that day onward shias all over the world mourn the death of hussein for 10 days every year on the anniversary of that date.

In the Shia view the struggle of hussein represents the struggle between right vs.wrong, and good vs. evil. Hussein represents all that is right and good, he represents Muhammad § and his teachings while the other side represents all that is wrong and evil. They represent the imposter version of Islam. They represent Aisha, Abu Bakr, Bukhari and all the corrupt and false teachings that has been imported into Islam.

The shia take all of their teachings from the Prophet’s descendants. That includes Fatima, Ali, and their 9 children. We also disassociate ourselves from those who stand against them.

  1. His body is buried in the city of Medina

  2. No the khalifate died a long time ago. There are a lot of sunni (mostly extremist groups) who are trying to bring back the Khalifate system by creating a muslim emirate.

Shias on the other hand believe that the Imam is the legitimate representative of God on earth. There are 12 imams, the first one being Ali § and the final Imam is Al-Mahdi (as).

  1. He was buried in Medina, which is where he died. His tomb is in a mosque called ‘Masjid an-Nabawi’-- you can Google it if you want more information. It’s one of the holiest mosques to muslims.

  2. The caliphate hasn’t existed for hundreds of years, but I do believe it’ll be revived shortly after the coming of Imam Mahdi, who will be an influential islamic leader who will fill the earth with fairness and justice. He’ll come when the earth is full of injustice and oppression. He’ll also be a contemporary of Jesus [peace be upon him]. There are a lot of false ideas about the Mahdi; namely, that he’s the messiah of Islam.

It’s simply untrue. There’s only one messiah and that is Jesus [peace be upon him]. The Qur’an gives him the title of ‘Al-Masih’ which means ‘the Messiah’ in surah 3:45.

What are you on, can I say this person does not represent the 90+% of Muslims. He was not poisoned by Aisha, and u make all these claims with no evidence. If Christians wish to learn about what Muslims and majority Muslims believe they should ask sunnis, not all the corrupted beliefs of shias.

ie Mut’aa temporary marriage so the man and woman set a time period to be married ie 24h, 1week, 1month, 1year so its not considered haram, but that was made foribidden like alcohol and so Mut’aa is not different to modern day PROSTITUION. Don’t make me expose the filthy practices some shias have. And even some shias believe Ali(ra) to be God. We already concluded Islam does not turn man into God, so why have some shias gone backward into this.

If I thought u posted a hadith with referneces as evidence I could have looked it up, but u post nothing just opinions which appear out of air?

Lol its my loyalty to God(not the sahabas but it falls under one banner) and distrust in the taqqiyah that Shias use. Taqqiyah using concealment to hide their true agenda. So they say one thing but are really hiding their true meaning. Please explain taqiyah to people why don’t u, but i doubt u will truly explain that to them.

for those interested in the truth about Shiasm please visit where there are various threads and evidence refuting shiasm and its falsities.

The wives of the Prophet(PBUH) are reffered to as Ummul Mumineen in the Quran, ‘The Mother of the Believers’. Why would God mention them as the mother of the believers if shia accounts are true, because they are not. If it was common knowledge should she have not been persecuted for this?

Shias believe the 12imams are infallible and have knowledge of the unseen. So Ali(ra) should have known what Aisha(ra) did if they supposeedly have knowledge of the unseen, If he did why did he not persecute Aisha(ra)?

  1. Because knowledge of unseen lies only with God
  2. Ali (ra) did not have knowledge of unseen
  3. Ali(ra) did not persecute Aisha(ra) because she is mother of believers
  4. Ali(ra) did not persecute Aisha(ra) because there is NOTHING to be persecuted about.

This is a complex debate between Sunnis and Shias but shias higly regard Ali(ra) and his offspring, whereas Sunnis prefer to look to the teachings and practice(sunnah) of Prophet(PBUH) so common sense tells us that Aisha(ra) is mother of believers and God would not place someone bad as a mother for the believers.

With all due respect you haven’t addressed any of the arguments against Aisha’s narrative on how he died. I’m glad to hear you’re loyalty is to God and I do hope you keep an open mind and look at these issues impartially and objectively.

The reason why we can never establish any dialogue with sunnis is because they immediately start talking about other topics that have nothing to do with the topic being discussed. We can talk about infallibility of the Imams, or temporary marriage, or any other topic you take issue with but this is not the place to do it. We’re talking about how Muhammad died. So here are my main points on why I don’t believe the Aisha narrative. I hope that you can contribute to this directly without going off into other topics.

  1. Aisha is untrustworthy, a woman who lies to the messenger to his face will not hesitate to lie to ordinary folk. Here is a link to the story

as a consequence of this we have to scrutinize and question everything she says so that we can be assured she is not lying to us

  1. Aisha claims he died of a poison he ingested over 3 years ago. Please help me understand how poison can stay dormant in the body for 3 years only to come back and kill that person 3 years later? And why is it that Muhammad § never complained of health issues as a result of the poison, he even participated in battles during the 3 years after he allegedly ingested the poison?

  2. Aisha contradicted herself when she claimed he died due to a tumor. The hadith linked to here is not authentic but it is corroborated in other authentic hadiths according to the sunnis

for example here is one from Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal where she suggested he had a tumor and gave him some “medication” orally against his will . Muhammad § got upset at them for it and ordered they should take the same medicine which they gave him.

A similar hadith from Bukhari Volume 9, Book 83, Number 25 where she administers “medicine” against his will.

When you add all of these pieces together, when you consider that Aisha has a history of lying, and that poison doesn’t really work the way she would like us to believe, and that contradiction about how he supposedly died from a tumor and that she was administering “medicine” to him against his will. You add all these pieces together and you begin to see a completely different picture. The question of why Aisha would want to kill him and the reason behind her motive is something we can discuss once we come to some agreement on how he died. At the very least you have to agree that the official story of how he died from poison by a jewish lady just doesn’t make any sense, especially when the person telling us this story is the person who is accused of killing him.

Shias hadiths that were passed on to us by the descendants of Muhammad § i.e. his grandchildren corroborate the alternative view that Aisha is the one who killed him. That she poisoned him at the order of her father so that her father would succeed Muhammad §. Ironically, the sunnis who claim to follow Muhammad § do not accept any hadiths from his grand children. Why do you think sunnis chose to ignore Muhammad’s descendants and never bothered recording any hadiths from them?

About the possibility of poison killing Mohammed 3 yrs later. Toxins can be trapped in a persons body fat and when a person burns the bodyfat, the toxins are released into the blood stream at the same time they can cause harm to the person. Scientifically, although unlikely, it IS possible for a poison/toxin to affect a person months, years or decades after injesting. I’m not sure what Mohammed’s body mass index was when he injested the poison and if he had lost/burned some body fat shortly before his death or not, but it is possible.

Let us not forget that it’s highly unlikely Muhammad (pbuh) was killed by the poison at all. It was merely the end of his life. He even refused the news from ALLAH via Archangel Gabriel that Muhammad’s time was up after the perfection of the deen. Now it is up to us to follow it.

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