How did Moses get to Midian?

I’m reading Exodus using the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible.
There is a map showing Moses travels when he fled from Rameses to Midian after he had killed an Egyptian.
How did he know to go to Midian to be safe from the Egyptians? How did he get there? According to the map it’s pretty far away.
Also, it is mentioned in footnotes that Jethro (his father-in-law) had a belief in many gods yet Moses married one of his daughters, Zipporah. That was acceptable then?


This map shows that a major trade route ran from Heliopolis, on the Nile, across the Sinai peninsula to Aqaba, which was a city in ancient Midian. It’s the southwestern part of the route shown in red on the map, sometimes called the King’s Highway.


More information in Wikipedia:

Very Interesting.
Thank you.

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You’re welcome!

Moses was raised by a pagan Egyptian woman, yet he knew His Hebrew ancestry. Moses married Zipporah about 40 years before he received the Commandments on Sinai

Jethro was a priest of Midian, but Midian’s people were descended from Abraham. Jethro’s other name (Exodus 2:18) is Raguel or Reuel, which means “friend of El, friend of God.” He also supported Moses and seems to have known all sorts of things about how to deal with God. So it would seem that Jethro was a lot like Melchizadek – he was a true priest of God, even if he didn’t know as much as was revealed to Moses.

(Reuel is one of Tolkien’s middle names, btw. And Raguel is also the name of Sarah’s father, in the Book of Tobit.)

My guess is that God directed his footsteps and his travel.

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I always found it interesting that he knew he was not Egyptian but an Israelite.

Yes. I was confused at first since it was first mentioned that his name was Reuel. A footnote noted the name info.
The fact he was a priest did confuse me but the Commandment weren’t written yet and God didn’t direct the Israelites not to marry outside the tribes at this point, I think.

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