How did noah know about God?


Title basicaly describes the question, since noah lived before the Torah and the jews, how did he know about God?


First of all, Genesis 5 describes Noah as a descendant of Adam and indicates that Noah’s father Lamech was aware of God (Genesis 5: 29), which suggests that since Adam, the knowledge of God had been communicated from each generation to the next.

Second, God communicated with Noah, so even if Noah hadn’t known about God from his father, he would have learned about God from God himself.


Funny I once asked a Protestant this same question: He had no clue. The answer is: oral tradition. Adam knew God and passed the knowledge along orally. And yes in time some things were written down but the oral tradition was bigger and always exceeded the written tradition. So ‘Bible-only’ doesn’t work :thinking:


I don’t believe it is required of Catholics to believe in a literal Noah.


It’s not required, but we are free to believe in a literal Noah if we want. And it is entirely possible that there was a literal Noah.
Some Catholics do take Genesis literally, and there are priests who preach that we should take it literally.


Adam and Eve spoke directly to GOD and HE answered back to them. Was it something they could hear or receive directly in their minds we do not know, but Genesis says that HE spoke to them and vice versa.
The more removed from our first parents the less we were able to communicate directly with GOD. And spoke to those HE chose to speak to.
To them it would have seemed normal to receive such message. Perhaps to us not so much we tend to dismiss GOD altogether now days. Noah knowledge of GOD was more direct as the result of being relatively closer to the first couple.


For those nowadays who have a very close, intimate relationship with God, it’s not that unusual to get a message from Him.


He did have a personal revelation…even if I didn’t know God, if he talked as clearly to me as Scripture tells us God did to Noah, that’s all I would need to know!


Indeed!! We should all pray to be able to hear HIM and do HIS will. Since HE wishes the best for us!
We can always talk to HIM, HE is listening.


Noah walked with God


Because he Noah lot! :joy::smile::rofl:


IMO, it’s allegory.


How did Noah noahbout God?


It actually is.


Can you clarify your question? What do you mean you ask how did he “know about God?” If I take your answer to mean how did Noah know that God exists, then I imagine the knowledge of God would have been handed down by his ancestors, just as the knowledge of God is handed down to us now. If you mean, how did Noah, specifically know God’s will for him, well that would be through the special revelation of God to him of his mission to build the ark.


This statement is inconsistent with Catholic teaching not he understanding on the Old Testament.

Not random scholars, but papal teaching.

The Church of Rome most definitely does not teach a literal interpretation of the Old Testament.



No it’s actually very consistent.
To deny a literal Noah is to deny orginal sin as the very theology of orginal sin means that he must have existed. We can speculate about the extent of the flood but not about the existence of the characters. Even our Lord spoke about noah saying the end days would be worse than the days of Noah indicating he is very literal.


Genesis 8

15 And God spoke to Noe, saying: …


It’s generally understood that many Biblical figures had visions and mystical experiences to give them a supernatural knowledge of God’s will. How did Moses establish the Law? With the help of Divine Revelation. So no, Noah wasn’t Jewish, but God was still God.

Noah and the patriarchs were all pious monotheists and obeyed the substance of the Ten Commandments.


Noah was/is a real person who is a saint in Heaven that loves us and is praying for us at this moment. The story itself is didactic and not literal. A literal interpretation is silly, of course.

There was a catastrophic flood in western Asia that became the source material for flood narratives at the time. You can find stories similar to Noah’s Ark in other religions.

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