How did people actually start following Luther and his ideas?


With the Catholic Christian Church at the time, who in the right mind would actually start to believe such heretical ideas of his? They would definatly start to be the minority.

I Know very little of the history. But how did the growth come to be? I do know that the “Reformation” was easily done because of what was going on during the Church, and some of Luther’s complaints were relevant. The Church did need a Reformation, and many saints did “reform” the Church (within).

So, obviously, the Protestant Reformation isn’t really a Church Reformation, because Protestants aren’t in full communion with the Church.

But what caused so many believers to go to Luther’s side when the majority of Csristians were Catholic (some Ortho.)?

*I’d rather have Catholic answers —a Catholic perspective— to make sure there’s no sarcasm. That’s just what I’ll be looking for:thumbsup: *


I recommend you get a copy of Hilaire Belloc’s book Character’s of the Reformation.

One big factor was that the secular rulers found it expedient to grab onto the idea of kicking the Pope to the curb. It served them well regarding confiscation of church property, wealth, and taxes.

And, in that day-- as the ruler of the territory went so the people went. They didn’t have a choice.


Do you understand nationalism? If you are of German descent you might have a greater understanding of how degrading it would be to follow, without question, the teachings of an Italian. I can say that because I’m German, and my wife, who I must follow without question is Italian!
What’s so sad is Luther had so many incorrect interpretations of Scripture.


You might as well ask, "How did Satan manage to deceive a third of God’s angels into following him and not God? Who (angel) in the right mind would actually start to believe such heretical ideas?" :slight_smile:


This small book is a great place to start.


Because most people weren’t instructed well enough by the Church so many went after any loony that promised them scripture readings and pretend Mass in their own language rather than Latin.

Well that and of course the secular rulers wanting Church property


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