How did the Angels eat?


In Genesis 19, when the two angels arrived at Sodom, Lot greeted them and fed them unleavened bread.

But the Catechism of the Catholic church stated that angels are non-corporeal. If this is the case, how did they eat bread?


Probably it looked like they ate. Look at Tobit for a reference.


They assumed human form.


By God’s intervention, the angels assumed human form. Something like a glorified body I suppose. Like Jesus who ate fish with the Apostles after the resurrection.



I have never heard of this


Learn something new everyday!


I don’t doubt you, but do you have a source?


No with me it is just logical.


Maybe they had angel food cake and ambrosia salad :laughing:


There are two options: either the angels were just a vision for all those around them, with no actual physical form in the world, or they assumed physical form by manipulating matter (which is a power angels can exercise, in accordance with God’s will) to make the appearance of a man.


From Tobit 12

Who am I? I am the angel Raphael, and my place is among those seven who stand in the presence of the Lord. Upon hearing this, they were both mazed with terror, and fell down trembling, face to earth. 17 Peace be with you, the angel said; do not be afraid. 18 It was God’s will, not mine, brought me to your side; to him pay the thanks and praise you owe. 19 I was at your side, eating and drinking, but only in outward show; the food, the drink I live by, man’s eyes cannot see. 20 And now the time has come when I must go back to him who sent me; give thanks to God, and tell the story of his great deeds. 21 With that, he was caught away from their eyes, and no more might they see of him.

I highly recommend reading Tobit on a regular basis. It has been called a “mini-Job” and is a wonderful book to read - even in one sitting.


And unleavened bread is also very light, if not angelic.


Nobody knows. Even fewer care. :sunglasses:


Genesis 18

9 Then he got some curds and milk, as well as the calf that had been prepared, and set these before them, waiting on them under the tree while they ate.

Haydock Commentary:

Ver. 9. Eaten apparently. Tob. xii. 19. or perhaps they consumed the food, as fire may be said to eat. S. Justin’s Dial.

See Tobit 12:19

17 And the angel said to them: Peace be to you, fear not.

19 I seemed indeed to eat and to drink with you: but I use an invisible meat and drink, which cannot be seen by men.


For a fact my dear fellow curmudgeon, they are pure spirit and have no need of any human bodily requirements. :wink:


if they ate something - they had to go the bathroom, I’d think…:innocent:


Remember the movie, “it’s a wonderful life”? "Clarence the angel?


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