How did the apostles die?

Simple question. The martyrdom of the apostles is one reason to believe that the Resurrection was real (because no one would willingly die for a lie). But, how do we know they were martyred? Are there certain documents that have this information? Is it a Church teaching/tradition that’s mentioned somewhere?

Yes, yes, I know. Enough with my looking for evidence already…

I can’t help it. I’m a have-to-see-it-to-believe-it kinda girl.

Should have been named Tomasa.

You don’t need to know how all eleven Apostles (the Twelve, minus Judas) died to make your case - you can make it with just one Apostle. Unless your opposition can show that the other ten died happy deaths, your case is made.

Catholic Answers has answered your question in this tract about St. Peter. You can do your own research into the other Apostles - most of us do not consider ourselves to be your personal researchers. You can use Wikipedia just as well as we can, and your answers can be found there.

Martyr…? Not many will come, will they? The number of them, already known in each years (1000 of them to His time) Right? Wonder where/who They are? All are called. only few enter…It’s already written. Maybe the word Martyr has a diffrent meaning for those without understanding? Maybe to, that the “blood” has not cometh yet to the one? Who can say they are a “cheif sinner”? Where do they go?


One-thousand people in 100 generations isn’t that many.


Mostly Church tradition going back millennially.

Saint Andrew, as an example, is said to have hung from a cross in the shape of an X. To this day, the X shape on national flags is called the Saint Andrews’ cross.


They all died for the faith except for John, who was the only one to die a natural death.

The death you speak of is biological, and in the grander scheme, insignificant.

St. Augustin said, “Prima mors, animam nolentem pellit de corpore, secunda mors nolentem tenet in corpore.” (The first death expels from the body the soul of a sinner who is unwilling to die: but the second death—that is, eternal death—retains in the body a soul that wishes to die.)

So in that sense, they (most probably) never “died”…and you and I can hope to receive the same promise of salvation and life everlasting!

…but all, John included, “lived for the faith”, which gives hope of never tasting the second death, regardless of the circumstances of the first,:wink:


There are these wonderful “new” things now called search engines. They’ve only been around since the '80’s. I’m sorry, but the answers to the issues you raise are readily available for anyone who is sincerely willing to do even the least amount of scholarly research.

Eddie…years (His time) not referring to us (If so can One live to 120 years?)…sorry for the confusion…
I think it was Peter 2 3:7…or 8? What’s important is not this or that, just His way…:slight_smile:
all are called…not all will make it. Some bask in His great Love already, some deny His Name…and some are holding on…waiting in FAITH…and its like the one person that came and bowed to an Angel…and what did the Angle saith…what the Angel saith holds words, but thats not the issue, oh so great the Angel saith to he that fiannly got there…and bowed to it…Whats greater is the one that finally got there…to see such.


I would like to jump in here with this thought. All of the Apostles died a violently except for John who died a natural death. That being said, the Apostle’s preached and taught what Jesus taught said and did. Many who came to believe in what they taught and preached who were not willing to give up their faith in Christ died. What this did was cause others who saw these people Apostle’s and others who died willingly for believing in Christ must have made a very big impact on them since a great many converted to Christianity. All of the Apostles excepting John died a violent death in the cruel manor, and this had to have impressed those who witnessed that. The result was more and more conversions to Christianity.

There is plenty of information out there concerning how each of the Apostle’s died the manor of violent death and where they died. There is also books on the subject.

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