How did the King James Bible get its name?

How did the King James Bible get its name?

In 1604, King James I of England convened the Hampton Court Conference where it was decided to create a new English version of the Bible. It was finished and published under Henry VIII in 1611.

So it’s not a Catholic Bible right?

Most definitely not.

Henry VIII had been dead for about 64 years in 1611. He had nothing to do with the publication of the KJV. The Great Bible published under Henry VIII was the first “authorized” version of the Bible for the Church of England, but it’s not the KJV; in fact, the KJV was an attempt to correct translation errors in the Great Bible.

I stand corrected. Thank you Pixie Dust, somehow the 2 Bibles (The Great & the KJV) merged into one under my rather brief expedition through history. :blush:

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