How did you all get to this site?


And how long have you been here ?




I learned about Catholic Answers first, back in the late 1980s, with Karl Keating’s book, “Catholicism and Fundamentalism,” and their apologetics tracts. When we got our first computer in the 1990s, I found online, while listening to Catholic Answers Live on the radio. I lurked on the forums at first without signing up, because I was so busy with work and family. I finally opened my user account in 2009.


Is there any app for it ? The site seems pretty confusing to me !


I came across Catholic Answers when looking into the Catholic Church prior to my conversion. That included occasionally reading over threads on the forum. I didn’t join until relatively recently, though. I remembered enjoying some of the conversations I read, and I had some free time left over after choosing to stop participating in another online Catholic community.


A Catholic friend of mine referred the site to me, although she doesn’t come here anymore.

I have been here over 4 years now. :slightly_smiling_face:


Back a while ago I was a bit ticked off and Googled “Why do people think Catholics aren’t Christian” as a kind of vent. That brought up a CAF thread. From the CAF thread I found the Ask An Apologist section. (This was back when they did that on the forum, not the main site.) I started reading those and realized I was not practicing my Catholic faith much at all. Started attending Mass. Went to Confession. I’m obviously not perfect, but I am better than I was. And because I give CAF a lot of credit for that, I stick around even though it’s not always rewarding.


I’ve been here since Jun 30, 2004.

I was already familiar with Catholic Answers from the radio and I found about about back in the 1990s when I was exploring the Internet. One day I dropped by for a visit during a break from some of my other forums and found out that Catholic Answers had their own forums. I’ve been lurking here ever since.


I heard about CAF through a Youtube video in which James White mentions it. I’ve been here since 2013.


It was announced in one of Karl Keating’s letters and so about a month? after I got the letter I went to the forums to register. So I’ve been here since June 2004. But I go through phases of participation and not.


CAF had a bad reputation on another forum I frequented so I thought I’d be a perfect fit.

I’ve only been here a few months.


May I ask the general topic of the other forum?


This thread emphasizes what I already lament…

I wish our forum join dates and some of our other info was still prominently visible in our posts, like they were with the old forum structure. It was so useful for interpreting the tone of a post. Clicking on profiles doesn’t take a lot of time but it apparently takes more time than I care to spend because I almost never do it.


I googled a Catholic topic that I wasn’t sure about, can’t recall what it was now but I found the answer on here. I lurked for quite a while before joining, so I’d guess late 2013/early 2014 is when I found it. I joined in late 2014.


I agree with SMHW that I don’t click on the profile and I should more often. I only do it when something suggests to me that it is a new poster, so I check. I feel like I know users less than I did before, but that could be due to many things, such as my erratic visiting habits.


Catholicism. Allegedly it’s a Catholic forum.


I was going through a divorce and returning to the Church. One day after school, I decided to see if was an actual website – and it was! :smiley::+1:

I’ve been here ever since September of 2006.


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