How did you come into your religion?

I thought I would raise a topic that is non religious and non argumentative.
This is now my 10th year on this forum and we have had many characters pass through here.
Few have been less than stellar in their debates, but some of the debates have been truly interesting.
Where and how did you learn about your faith?
Who introduced you to your faith? Were you born or a convert?
Many questions can be asked about this, but please, let us know how you learnt and come into your faith.
Please, i would like to keep this about this question, no arguments etc
Thank you

I am a Christian, raised in the Lutheran church by a Lutheran family. I often wonder why I am not Catholic instead.

Can i ask, how much about Catholicism have you studied? Whatever religion you are studying, im sure there is a thread on it, read and see what the responses are, im Catholic not only because i was cradle born, but ive had amazing things happen to me.

Ill tell you my story in brief, i went to another Catholic church from my usual one who had a community. I was in the lowest part of my life (i had an abortion) and i wanted help so bad from God to forgive me, i went to this church several times, but because i was suffering panic attacks at the time i would run out of church, but i would always come back.
One day, and believe me i have not spoken to a person in this church, i found a brochure about rachels vineyard (a catholic place to help people who had gone through abortions) and there was only one. I contacted them and my life changed, after a while i met my beautiful friend who looks after the church and i told her my story and thanked her for the brochure she put out, she looked at me stunned and said they have never received any brochures from rachels vineyard, and noone had ever put any in the church (they need permission). So to me this day, i believe it was God who put that single left brochure there for me to get through my trouble to get back into the church and forgive me. Thats only one of the reasons i love Jesus so much x

It runs in the family. :wink:

Thank you for sharing your story! I have been studying both Catholicism and Orthodoxy, as well as my own Lutheran beliefs for a long time. I went to a Catholic college way back when it had just gone co-ed (we joked that we knew every guy on campus by name, all 11 of them) and met many admirable and informative Catholics during that time.

Basically, I am a practicing Lutheran Christian because I was born into it. If God had placed my soul into a Catholic family, I would be a practicing Catholic (no doubt of the traditionalist variety, and still complaining about modern influences on the liturgy!)

I was born into a catholic family, educated enough to hate the Christian Brothers and other examples of orders fallen away from their true ideals into abuse for which the Church is now subject to the punishment of generations. Looked past my experiences as the acts of evil Christians rather than Christ Himself and went on to maintain my faith and learn more as I went through my tertiary education and professional life. I am dying now from pulmonary hypertension and have found my loving God is a forgiving one. I am praying for a good death and expect a long purgatory.

At home, My parents and Reading.

My Parents.


My mother was raised Catholic and my father was raised protestant, they married and when I was very young my father looked into Catholicism and got onto Dr Scott Hahn’s conversion story which helped him greatly in becoming a Catholic, especially in regards to the real presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist, he than converted to Catholicism and thus raised me and my siblings Catholic.

My progress in the Catholic faith I would say has been a sort of slow blossoming process with I would say two rather significant events that really advanced me in the Catholic faith to where I am today, the first would be when I finnished High School, they gave me a small New Testament bible, which I read from start to finnish and than again several times, which really cemented my Catholic faith, and still does to this day, than the next one was when my father watched a documentry called ‘Signs from God’ by Mike Willisee in 1999 (A famous Australian journalist) who converted to Catholicism after investigating many miracles around a lady known as Catalina Rivas … the full story can be read here -

Anyway, it was Catalina’s writing, that really cemented my Catholic Faith the second time in enourmous ways and as I read more, the more cememted it becomes for me, in huge ways. Her writings can be found here free to read and download online if anyone is interested

Atm, I am 22 years old and I am currently reading more of Catalina’s writings, which have many times brought me to tears because of their sheer beauty and reading the writings of the saints (especially St. Faustina) and Catholic preists etc so I see myself as still advancing in the Catholic Faith (In seeking, knowing and loving God), which I pray will never cease. :slight_smile:

That’s my story in as summed up as I can make it :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading

I was raised in the Church of the Nazarene. My dad was nominal Baptist, myomere nominal Nazarene. They wanted to make sure we had a church to go to so we went to Sunday School and services several times a month.

When I was 19 I read Peaceable Kingdom and was impressed deeply by the devotion of the early Friends and their peaceful ways.

So one Sunday I went to Friends Meeting…as soon as I walked into the plain simple meetinghouse I was Home. I have never regretted being among Friends…the Society of Friends has provided me with the tools to seek a deeper relationship with God.

I read Testament of Devotion by Raymond Kelly and I knew this was the kind of Christian I wanted to be. That was 40 years ago.

It’s been the joy and strength of my life.

Born Catholic
Raised as a practicing Catholic
Stopped practicing at abt 19
Wandered far into the wilderness for many years…
Read and studied some but never settled anywhere (remained an “ethereal” Christian)
Returned to the practice of the faith after being able to receive an annulment.
Been learning more and more ever since.

Praise God


Born in it.

Had four years being “religious”.
Lets face it if we were born in a muslim country and had been indoctrinated in islam we’d be muttering about the prophet and praising allah, some of you guys the religious ones would have gone to syria

… which al goes to show :rolleyes: hmmmm what a strange world we live in

I was raised in the Lutheran church and have remained in that tradition.

Born and raised Catholic. Parents and siblings influenced my faith growing up. My brothers and I were also altar servers and we got to know a lot of really awesome priests. (Our parish was the Naval base chapel) After I got married, I stopped going to church, never really stopped believing, but who am I kidding, I had sort of fallen away. Became more or less a Christmas and Easter Catholic. I made some attempts at coming back fully, but would always allow everyday life hold me back. I’ve since (in the past year) begun trying to come back fully, but some circumstances keep me from full participation in that I am not able to receive communion. I’m building up the courage to talk the parish priest about my situation. I also haven’t yet joined the local parish.

my parents divorced when I was 9 months old. I was raised by my mom and step dad, They nor my brother and sister believe in God. My father went to church a few times when I was about 4 yrs old. On one of my few visits with him he took me to church. Through that one experience at 4 yrs old God caught my attention. Frm then on I always felt like there was more to this life then the tangible. When I was 20 I was dating a man who’s parents went to church every Sunday. They introduced me to their pastor who took an interest in me. Pastor came to my house one day with a brand new bible to give me. He asked me, did you know there was a man who loved you so much that he died for you? I replied, " that’s not possible. I’m 20 yrs old, I have 2 children and am divorced. I was an alcoholic by 17 and a terrible sinner. I can assure ypu that no one has ever truly loved me during my life or before I was even born." He simply said to read the gospels. I did. I still didn’t believe Jesus died for this awful person I’d become. On March 21, 2004 my father asked me to go with him to see The Passion of the Christ. (By this time they had gotten back into church and were attending regularly). I was reluctant but agreed to go. Before we walked into the theater dad said, are you ready to he changed? I said, dad, I know this story so don’t hold your breath. We sat down and the movie began. The moment that Judas kissed Christ I began to weep. I felt like Judas, I had betrayed Jesus by not believing in Him. I shook and wept through the entire movie. During the scene were Jesus is being beaten I knew that was for me, me personally because of His deep love for me. I cried for an hour after we left the theater. They took me to buy a new study bible which I read in secret at home.a week later I told my husband I wanted to take the kids to the nearby church. ( my husband and I began dating in 1998 and married in 2003. He had three daughters, I had two sons and we had a son together) he agreed but would not come with us. So the 6 kids and I went to church at a Church of God. I was baptized in August of that year. I have to say I was quite happy in this church for some time, the pastor amd his wife took me under their wing like a daughter. Something was missing. Some things I was being taught didn’t make sense to me but I couldn’t understand why. After about a year I told my husband I wanted to take the kids some where else because this church was tiny and didn’t offer much for the kids plus I felt that I was not growing any further. My husband was baptized Catholic. He went to Catholic school until second grade. His whole family was Catholic. He wanted us all to go to the Catholic church. I said, well there’s a Nazarene church that has tons of kids activities and I hear the pastor is amazing lets go there and see what we think. All 8 of us started going there together. The pastor was amazing! They had a band and a big screen with the lyrics! It was awesome! …but something was missing. We attended for a year and still I wasn’t finding my answers to the queations I was feeling but wasn’t sure how to express in words.
In May 07 my husbands grandma had a stroke leaving her in a come for a week. During that time on of my husband’s aunts invited ke to Mass, so I went. It was weird! (Haha) another aunt gave me a paper on how to pray the rosary in preparation for grandmas funeral. I really enjoyed praying the rosary :slight_smile: on mother’s day my husband’s devout Catholic grandmother passed away. This sparked the desire in my husband to go to the Catholic Church. I told him in no way shape or form would I attend a Catholic church! I said it was to weird with all the rituals and that if they didn’t waste so much time preparing for communion every singe time then they might have time to actually teach us something! He refused to go to the Nazarene church any longer and I refused the catholic church so we just didn’t go any where at all. So for the next 6 years we’d have this conversation about every 6 months: me; honey I want to go back to church. Him; well then we are going to Sacred Heart. Me; oh no! I all ready told you its weird there! The first week of January in 2013 we had the conversation again…me; honey, please I want to go to church. Him; I have told you I’ll only go to the Catholic Church. Me; FINE! now I’m thinking,what did I just say?! Why did I say fine?! Him; really? Me; I guess so I mean I don’t know enough about the beliefs to form an educated opinion. So I’ll go a few times and see what its like. We went to Mass the next Saturday. The following Friday he went to the office to find out how we join the church. He was told that since we were both baptized we could jump into RCIA and get caught up, beginning the next week…my head was spinning!! I agreed to take the class on the basis that 1) I’d learn what the church was teaching 2) it did not mean I HAD to become Catholic. I mean, after all I had been warned about the Church and just knew it was wrong…boy was the one who was wrong! All of the sudden those questions I’d been having had answers! Why did communion have such an impacts on me if it was only symbolic? (At my old church) why was my baptism so amazing if it was only a gesture? Why did praying the rosary touch my heart so deeply? What was the answer to countless verses I’d been reading? Why as a child did pope John Paul seem so interesting to me? The answers lay within the Catholic Church!! All of my questions were answered and more questions came that had answers! I was shocked to learn…I’ve been Catholic my whole life but was to stubborn to know it! Haha. Easter Vigil of 2013 my husband stood side by side for our confirmation and our first Holy Communion. God has lead me home and I thank Him daily for being patient with me :slight_smile:
So if you’ve read my whole story you can see why my profile picture is of Mary Magdalene and why I chose her has my confirmation saint.
It feels good to get that all out

I learned about the Lutheran faith from a local Lutheran pastor. I was interested because when I was leaving the Catholic Church I didn’t want to go too different. Lutheranism seemed to have similarities like the liturgy etc, that I would be comfortable with. I read all the confessions and I agreed with them so I became a confirmed Lutheran. I am a convert to Lutheranism from Catholicism. My wife and children followed me into that particular faith as well.

I learned about God through a near death experience at the age of 4. Shortly after than President Kennedy was assassinated and I watched his funeral on TV. This was the first funeral I had ever witnessed and I learned about the Catholic Church through this. I knew at that moment I wanted to be a Catholic.

Shortly after this I got to watch the stories about Fatima and St. Bernadette. This confirmed by interest in the Catholic Church and my desire to be a Catholic. I did not get this from family, neighbors or school mates. Only from what I saw in the mentioned programs above, on TV.

I am a cradle Catholic who fell away from the Church pretty much the minute I left home for college.

Even during the years I didn’t practice, I sometimes felt a pull to return, and I’d slip into a Mass, but not frequently.

In the meantime, life marched on. I faced infidelity, abandonment, a divorce, and an unplanned pregnancy. When my son arrived, I did what was required to have him baptized, and no more.

My son was diagnosed with autism at three and a half. I was still a lukewarm, nominal Catholic - until it was time for him to make his sacraments.

You see, I wasn’t sure he’d be able to. He has texture issues regarding food, as well as a short attention span. Well, a wonderful priest and phenomenal catechists saw us through, and we practiced at home with unconsecrated hosts.

The day he made his First Communion, it’s as if a switch got turned on inside of me. That was two years ago. Praise God, I am home to stay. I am so blessed to have been saved by my son, and His.

Born into it. Mom was Catholic, Dad was Protestant. His dad was Lutheran and his mom was Methodist, and they went to either church depending on where they lived… As an adult, my dad did not regularly go to church, although he sometimes came to Mass with us when we were kids, but he never converted. Anyway, my siblings and I were raised Catholic, and I had 12 years of Catholic school, which was a positive experience for me. When I entered the workforce and left my safe Catholic cocoon, I encountered many differing and opposing points of view concerning faith and Catholicism, so I started reading apologetics - a period of mostly self-directed adult education going on now for about 30 years.

Born into the faith. Raised by Catholic parents. Mother was a Parish secretary, Father was the Church Sacristan & Head Usher. Parents put 3 children through 12 years of Catholic school education. At that time we were taught only by the Nuns, no lay teachers. Solid Catholic values & doctrines taught & practiced in the home & school.

I grew up in Pentecostal churches, and my dad was a minister and pastor. I was never really satisfied with the surface-level answers I received regarding my questions about faith and morals. When I left for college, I stopped going to church altogether.

In 2009, I began researching abortion. I didn’t have one, nor was I pregnant, but I considered myself “pro-choice” although I’d never have one myself. After seeing images and videos of an abortion procedure, I knew it was evil. For whatever reason, before that time, I never considered what it actually WAS to have an abortion.

I started looking for intelligent arguments that supported a pro-life stance aside from saying that it’s evil. I stumbled onto some Catholic sites and discovered that not only did Catholics believe abortion was wrong, but contraception as well. Basically, the totally pro-life stance of Catholicism is what first got me interested in the faith.

From 2009 to 2013, I studied Catholicism on and off. I didn’t know a single Catholic, though, and was hoping during that time that my husband would start going to Mass with me. I finally resigned myself to the fact that he wasn’t really interested, so I started attending Mass last year alone (well, with my two year old). I came into the Church this year, and our kiddo was baptized the same day.

I grew up in a very anti-Catholic environment, so it’s still a wonder to me that God brought me home. I’m so glad he did!

I honestly don’t remember when and how I learned about the Unitarian Universalism. It wasn’t until after I graduated college, though.

Who introduced you to your faith? Were you born or a convert?

I introduced myself to it. I am a convert.

Many questions can be asked about this, but please, let us know how you learnt and come into your faith.

I am still learning. :slight_smile:

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