How did you find your Patron Saint(s)?

I once heard that we are not the ones who choose our patron Saints, but they choose us.

So I’m curious! How did your patron Saint(s) “adopt” you?? How did you find your connection with them? Some stories are pretty amazing and I’d love to know about yours!


Sometimes it happens by interesting circumstances; a friend at church asked God to give him an elder, and later that week he received an unsolicited/unexpected package with an icon of Elder Cleopa in it.

But often it’s not that dramatic. I stumbled upon St. Paisios of Mount Athos through reading and felt an affinity towards him, and have grown that relationship. I probably ask his intercession more than I do my official patron.

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Every year I pick a new saint with this page

There are other saints I love, some came in my life by chance (for example I found a book about them) , some have a spirituality that really resonates well with me or lived in circumstances that help me see in a different light my own life circumstances.


My parents are Anglican, they celebrate the saints, so they named me after St. Clare. I actually did not like my name at first, but then I read about St. Clare. She was the one inspired to think about becoming Catholic and I wholeheartedly believe that it is because of her prayers that I am coming home to the Catholic Church. She is my actual patron, but I love St. Monica, St. Therese, St. Dymphna, Pope John Paul II, St. Maximillian Kolbe, and St. Thomas more all for different reasons.


My parents gave me a saint’s name. I always knew and loved this- so- when I converted- it was a no-brainer.


This is awesome!! I love St. Clare as well. Her story is just amazingly inspiring, isn’t it?? I’m glad she helped you to come home! <3

Those are also amazing Saints!! I’m also quite fond of St. Therese and St. Monica. Their stories are just… Wow. <3

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Oh nice!! Picking a new Saint every year seems cool! Might give this page a try on 2021. :wink:

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Being named after a Saint is such a good way to easily find your Patron!

The interesting circumstances are probably my favourite to hear/read about, haha. But the simple circumstances are very beautiful and meaningful!

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