How did your local media cover Stand Up for Religious Freedom?

Here in Sacramento, one TV station aired a 20 second report buried deep into their daily hour report of news. The Sacramento Bee newspaper published the AP report with no report on the Sacramento rally.

To be fair, we attracted 400 to 500 people. I had expected several thousand.


No local Buffalo TV station carried the event. The Buffalo News ran a short piece on it. Nothing spectacular.

Little to no coverage here, but here is northern
California, most outspoken city is San Francisco and
most well-known public “leader” is Nancy Pelosi.

Totally - NO surprise.

I attended the Chicago rally yesterday. The crowd was huge, it filled the plaza.I spoke with the police that were there (many sympathetic and supportive, by the way) and they guessed at 3000. Today I checked the website for “stand up” and it said 3600.

The Chicago Tribune–in its “online” format–had a small article that stated their were “hundreds” in attendance and later “about 500” which was absurd, but about what I expected from the MSM.

I do not think there was anything mentioned on local TV. I did see that Fox New Channel covered the DC rally and talked about the 150+ rallies around the country on their 5;00 news show nationally. It ran for about one minute (my guess).

I did count the “opposition forces” across the street. There were 17 of them.

Not a lick of news. I don’t think the local media is all on board for every station. I think some stations would’ve covered it but for New England Cable News specifically in Boston all that was talked about a rally was the Pride Parade. I guess they want to keep the Catholic town of Boston under wraps. Sad really they didn’t even have to talk about it just mention it.

The Boston Pilot the Oldest Catholic newspaper mentioned it.

In Rockford, Illinois on one side of the street there were the HHS protesters and on the other side there were gay pride supporters. That group was much smaller than the HHS group but guess which group got the coverage on tv?

In Iowa’s capital city of Des Moines, about 150 people showed up for the protest

Our rally in Tulsa was mentioned in the Tulsa World. About 200 people attended. The paper mentions the ‘accomodation’ and that the Church finds it no help but doesn’t say why the Church holds that position. So that was aggravating. But not so bad as the comments that followed the on-line article. It saddens me that most of them were written by people who see the Church as a vile, criminal organization. I wonder if any of them would have the nerve to say such things w/o the anonymity of the internet. I guess they need our prayers, huh.:gopray: Grace and Peace to All!

RadioIowa, which produces news segments for a consortium of 70 commercial radio stations, distributed a story. But I am not sure how many of the radio stations aired it.

Not very well

In New Braunfels, Texas about 450 people showed up for the rally according to the Herald - Zeitung newspaper, having attended, it seems like an accurate figure. There was a fairly large article with a picture reporting on the event. It was a fair article.
New Braunfels is a town of approximately 50,000 about 30 mles from San Antonio.

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